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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 63

 I'm so sorry that I missed Writing Wednesday last week! Honestly, I've written nearly a full book in just two weeks and I didn't want to stop when I was on a roll. I'm so excited about my current WIP and can't wait to start releasing teasers soon. It's the serial, so it'll be posted on the blog as well :)

Prompt Sixty-Three- Electricity

In honor of my snow day and the fact that we lost power last night, I want a list of twelve things you can do without using electricity. You don't even have to explain too much, so long as we know what you're talking about. Go!

My response...

  1. Play checkers in the pale moonlight. Unless of course it's cloudy, in which case, play checkers in the flickering light of a candle.
  2. Have a seance. Which I totally did when I was a freshman in high school with my friends. We lit up a hundred candles in my bedroom and just danced around. Until my mom found us and made us blow out all but five. Damn, fire hazards.
  3. There's this thing called, outside. You can totally go there! Electricity free.
  4. Another old fashioned thing: books! And, no, not the kindle type or those on the kindle app. There's a thing called a paperback or hard cover and you can read it without any sort of tablet! 
  5. Snuggle with your dog on the couch and a warm blanket. Which I am completely guilty of doing for the past twenty-four hours.
  6. Any sort of board game is my kind of night. Hell, my friends and I play board games regularly anyway, without electricity. 
  7. Take a nap. 
  8. If you're used to interactive games like the WII, get into a game of charades. It uses your whole body, which counts as going to the gym (FYI), and it's super silly and fun. 
  9. Eat a ton of food and refuse to stop even when people call your a fatty. Of course, you must prepare the food before loss of power. And I guess in turn, the food is a result of electricity. So, maybe that ones out. But it's definitely my favorite.
  10. After twenty-four hours without electricity, you may start to have hallucinations. This is a great time to have a deep conversation with your significant other or loved ones. Shit can get real fast, so be prepared for topics from aliens to politics and even weirder like questions beginning with What if?
  11. ROTFL for no reason at all.
  12. Go for a walk because by this point you need to get the hell out of your electricity-less life.

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Write your response in the comments below! Or just tell me what you think of the prompt!

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