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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 10

Oh my gosh, you guys! We've done ten prompts already. That's so exciting. Sorry, I'm so late today, by the way. But I've been crazy busy editing so I can get The Curse of Betrayal to the editor in November. It sounds far away but I'm WAY behind where I want to me. Four more chapters of the first edit to go.

Anyways, here's our new logo andddddd Prompt Numero Ten! From Writer's Digest.

Prompt Ten- A Mysterious Request

You receive a letter at your workplace from a high school classmate who is now in prison. "I know I've caused you a lot of grief," the letter says, "but there's something I need that only you can get for me. Don't tell anyone about this."

500 words or fewer

My Response....

I read over the note one last time and glance up at the wrought iron fence with barbed wire on top through my windshield. I don't know what I'm thinking but Jared's letter really shook me and the fact that he would reach out to me, his ex-high school sweetheart means a lot. It has to be serious.

"Can I help you?" The guard inside his bullet proof box asks me.

"I'm visiting an inmate." I tell him, smiling so he'll let me in. I've never been to a prison before and just being this close has goosebumps springing up my arms. I know it'll only get worse once I step inside. The man nods and let's me into the parking lot.

But the searching isn't over there. After I park my car, I walk into the visitors entrance and get a full search by a female guard. She checks ever crevice of my body until it's almost on the level of harassment. But I know it's just their job so I let it happen.

I'm ushered to a holding cell and told to sit at the far side of the table and my friend will be in shortly. I'm shoeless, and jacket-less and my purse was confiscated until I'm ready to leave. I have nothing in my pockets or with me so my nerves start skyrocketing. 

Before the panic fully sets in the door clicks and in walks Jared- my first love. But it's not him anymore, at least not like I remember. This man, not a boy anymore, has a full beard, has gained some muscle weight and looks tired. 

My emotions along with nerves peak and sorrow overwhelms me. I bury my head in my hands, sorry for this amazing man to be in jail. No matter what he did, he doesn't deserve this. When I can compose myself enough, I look up into his dark eyes.

"I'm sorry I made you come here, Lara." He apologizes, reaching his tied together hands across the table to me. I look down and the reach my own, free hands and clasp them in his. They're calloused and worn, dirty and broken but they comfort me in a way I never expected.

"What can I do?" I ask him, wanting to do whatever it takes to help.

"Are you still a writer?" He asks me, searching my eyes for an answer.

"No. I mean, I write but not for a job. I'm a receptionist for a dentist office." I say to him, cringing at where my life is. When Jared and I broke up, it was so I could become a reporter and write stories for a newspaper like the New York Times. And now it just feels like we broke up for nothing.

"I need you to write something for me. Then I need you to get it to as many lawyers as you can until someone will work with me. Please, it's my only hope." Jared begs me with his chocolate eyes filled with love.

"What did you do?" I ask him, curious why he's here in the first place.

"You didn't look it up?" He asks me back.

"I got your note yesterday. I flew here as fast as I could to help you." I didn't have time to look anything up about him. I just knew he needed me so I came.

"I hope I didn't disrupt your family." Jared says and I know he's really just asking if I have a husband or have kids. We haven't seen each other in ten years and truthfully I didn't go to my reunion for that reason alone- fear he would be there.

"I don't have a family, Jared." I tell him. He tries to contain his glee but I see right through him. Jared never could hide his emotions well. He was the romantic one in our relationship. I was the hard ass, the dreamer wanting a career before love. 

He squeezes my hands and then looks up at me, "get me out of here so I can come home."

Okay, I had to stop there or else I could have written a freaking book. I loved this one! I didn't think I'd get into it as much as previous prompts but I promise, you get swept in. 

Write your response in the comments section below. 

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