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Friday, October 4, 2013

Meet Nathalie | Youtube Video | Free Day Announcement

One of my favorite weekends of the year is Columbus Day. Okay, I know what you're thinking. That it's totally random and kind of weird. I would have to agree BUT every Columbus Day I go on vacation with my family to my favorite place on earth- Vermont.

So in honor of my weird obsession with a seemingly meaningless holiday, Monday October 14th my book, The Thousand Year Curse will be FREE on amazon in the ebook format. Yes, you heard me right. FREE! Mark your calenders, phone's or whatever. This is one of the last times the book will be free so don't forget!

Of course I'll continue to keep you posted as it gets closer!

Now onto the teaser of the day...

Meet Nathalie from A Reliant Love

Nathalie is from a small town in Connecticut. Throughout high school she was an honor student, had an awesome social life and was a happy teen. Deep down though, she always wanted to have her own life where her parents didn't dictate her moves and she could have real experiences, unlike the forced ones inside her life's bubble.

She gets accepted to UMA, a college only about two hours from her hometown and leaves to experience it her own way. Instead of living in dorms, she uses her savings to get an apartment so she can really feel what it's like to be on her own. She creates a mental checklist of things she wants to do her freshman year. She feels every adult needs to do them before they are a true independent person.

She's in school to become a vet. Her dream is to open up an animal shelter. Her career choice follows her into everyday life. She always feels a need to fix situations and even people. She thinks it's the right thing to help but it often gets her in trouble. When she meets Sam, that's exactly what she wants to do- fix him.

She's not as innocent as she sounds. She was high school sweethearts with Drew. She gave him a precious gift, her virginity, and then he left her. But it didn't deter her view on love, she still wants to find her prince charming it's just now she wants to have fun and doesn't want a serious relationship right away. She likes to party but is only accustomed to small country club gatherings or drinking with her friends in the basement. Although she is very social she enjoys staying home and watching movies.

Nathalie has dirty blonde hair that falls dangerously low on her back. She has these really deep hazel eyes that are mesmerizing. She's about 5'5'' and has an athletic body. She has a major sweet tooth and loves caramel draped on everything. She looks like the girl next door but she's so much more than that. She craves creating her own life and will do anything to become a self sufficient adult while crossing off everything on her list.

Also, I made a fun video about the characters of The Thousand Year Curse. It's who I would want to play the characters if my book was turned into a movie. It's quick and I used a song from the playlist in the background.

For each character, there's also quotes from the book about what they look like so if you haven't read it, you can get an idea why I picked the actors I did. Have fun and enjoy!! Happy Friday :)

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