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Monday, February 2, 2015

For The Love of Ash | Teaser Five

Happy Snow day, those of you on the East Coast. I don't have to go to work today so I decided to give you all a short teasers for For The Love of Ash! Enjoy...

“Buddy, what’s wrong?” I bent down so that we were face to face, and grabbed onto his shoulders. 
“What if I suck? We didn’t play much this summer and I could have gotten worse,” he explained. His green eyes filled with tears, his bottom lip beginning to tremble.
“Seriously, Ash. You’re the best kid out there, you know that. You’re going to be just like Gretzky. I’m here if you need me, but you’re going to be amazing.” I hoped I was saying the right words to make him confident. His innocent eyes met mine, full of question.
“Okay. Can you sit in the middle?” 
“Of course.” I nodded. “Go on,” I said, patting his butt as he turned to go.
“Love you, mom.” 
“Love you too, buddy,” I said back, trying to understand this recent name change. He had never called me mom up until a couple days ago. I didn’t get it, but I didn’t want to push anything. 

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