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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How To Write Action Scenes

I've recently gotten a critique that my action scenes are lacking. The person said that it was too short. I needed some more action. I have to admit that they aren't my strong ability. I don't want to overdo a simple action- yet I don't want to under sell it. Therefore... I researched tips and ways to create good action scenes.

Make it realistic! This is a huge one that sometimes gets looked over. In action scenes there is always room to make it too intense or come off fake. I recently read a book where a guy fought another guy. Typical situation. During the fight it seemed like it stopped so they could taunt and talk to each other. That isn't realistic. When you're fighting it needs to be fast paced. You don't just stop punching someone to make a speech. Things like that are important.

Don't make it easy! Everyone loves a good fight. You don't the winner to win without being challenged. Make it close and let the other guy get a punch or two in. It makes it much more realistic as well. A guy who is obviously going to loose is going to walk away from a fight. If they're an even pair it makes the fight more likely.

Sentencing! I never would think of this when writing an action scene but it's a very valid point. A short sentence is going to be read fast and make the pace faster. Having long sentences slows down reading and makes the scene slower. If you want the scene to be up tempo and fast paced and like a real action scene make sure you have short sentences.

Don't forget the consequences! Another thing I never really considered but now think it is huge. After a fight, you fall off the adrenaline high. You are achey or injured or something. Maybe the winner is excited and energetic. Make sure to explain this part as well! This part makes it more realistic and segues into the next scene of the book.

Watch the verbs! Action scenes are packed with verbs. Use the correct ones. You don't want to keep saying hit or ran. Mix it up and use words that create more feeling. Slammed instead of hit, or slumped instead of fell. There are so many good words out there and to keep it to regular verbs won't make a great scene. Grab a thesaurus and use some new words.

Don't overdo it! Give the readers a break. Back to back to back to back action scenes is going to get old and the reader is going to loose interest. Reading all action doesn't let the reader take a breath. Action scenes can take over a story and the plot becomes irrelevant. If the main character is constantly running, hitting or fighting they becomes unrelatable.

Humor! This is always a nice way to make characters fun and witty. Don't make it too gritty and raw, add in some funny moments or funny banter. Characters talking smack is fun character development. If they're about to fight or if they're doing an action, don't forget that they're still characters. They talk, they feel. Add in humor and you're making a scene that much better.

My Tips-
READ READ READ! Read books that have action in them. Become familiar with them so you can subconsciously understand. Pick a book in a similar genre and take note of the action scenes. Don't mimic them but get a feel for it. You'll pick up common themes and words.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Home In the USA

Hello everyone! So much has happened since I left ten days ago. I was in Spain for those of you who don't know. It was a wonderful experience. If you've never left the country I suggest you go ASAP. The building, people, food, all of it is truly out of this world.

Italy turned out to be my muse. While in Italy, I wrote about 40,000 words of a new book. I got this crazy idea on the 16 hour drive from Spain to Italy. I started jotting down some notes. While on the balcony of my hotel, I wrote and wrote and wrote. I've never had something like that happen to me before. It was amazing.

Other than that I've heard back from a couple publishing houses and narrowed down my sights to two editors who I'm considering using. I'm excited to get some more professional feedback and clean up work on my book. It's weird for it to mostly be out of my hands now. Oh well- onto new things.

I am going to start blogging again. I'm sad I didn't really get a chance to while I was away. I've never been so grateful for wifi now that I am home. It's crazy how different it is here than in other countries.

I've got three new followers on google and some likes on facebook. Thank you to those who have started to follow and listen to my journey! I can't wait to start putting some more stuff out. I promise to never leave again! Well... not really.

This week I am going to post about writing action scenes, a writing exercise and writing sex scenes. On Friday I am back to posting teasers so I will start searching for a good one. I'll take a hiatus on the weekend since nobody is ever on google.

I'm looking for suggestions on what to write about. What do you guys want me to research? What would you like more information on? Is there a topic you don't fully understand? I want to research it for you. I want to write about whatever I can. School is winding down so I have tons of free time.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Multi-Tasking When Writing

So I've finished book one in my Curse Books series. It's in limbo so I can't really do much there. I've started book two but am reluctant to get far. I don't want a publisher to be interested and change the ending or something that changes book two. I would hate to have to start from scratch.

I've been keeping track of all my book ideas lately that I can add to and look back on. I decided a week or so ago that I really love one idea and started forming the outline and getting the book started. I've written about 20,000 words and love where it's going.

I'm nervous about multitasking different ideas, though. I don't want to screw up stories or mix them. So I've been doing my research and figuring out if multi-tasking can work or not. Here's what I've found out...

Organize the crap out of your stuff. Make sure you have separate folders, markers, hell- even drawers. You don't want to cross characters or scenes. Organize it in your brain too. Work on only one project a day or make sure you have a break in between. 

Set goals. Make sure you know what you want to accomplish for each project. If one is short, set a word count limit. You could even set a daily, or weekly limit. Only write as much as you can handle. For each project make sure to meet a goal before moving on to the other one.

Remember, writing is fun. It's not a chore as a writer to construct a story. The editing- maybe, but the writing part is the best part. You tell a story the best you can and really invest yourself into it. If you're not feeling like writing a day, don't force it. Write a story that you genuinely like. 

DO NOT MULTITASK ONLINE. Seriously, just being connected to the internet opens up way too many opportunities for bad multi-tasking. It sucks you in and five hours later, you realize you have accomplished nothing. Leave safari, or internet explorer or whatever you use, off. Don't tempt yourself.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Character Sketches

Hey all! I'm writing to you guys from Modena, Italy. I'm sitting outside on my hotel terrace watching a car race below. I can't understand a thing but it's pretty freaking amazing. I didn't get a chance to put up a teaser yesterday so I thought I'd do something fun today. I'm going to post some pics and ask what you think. These are possible character profiles and pictures. I want to know if you think they're attractive, relatable and generally unique and different characters.

I got these pictures from online so I don't own them and they aren't from models. I just googled some pictures and tried to figure out who my characters resemble. I don't even really know who these models are... Anyway. I'm open for ideas!

Like- Dislike? Do the boys look too much alike? Can you see these people in real life? I don't want them to seem to fictional. Help me out here blogger world. I'll be out of the country for a while but I'm going to try and post as frequent as possible. Or whenever I can steal some wifi! :)

Later, guys!

Monday, April 15, 2013

How To Write an Author Bio

So I had to do a ton of author bios recently before sending off my manuscript... It's hard stuff let me tell you. Here are some tips that I've found through research that helped shape my bio and make it better.

Third Person. It's annoying as hell but every single page says to write a bio in third person. It feels pretty weird writing about yourself in the third person but I guess it's what you're supposed to do. Even if you didn't want you, I-I-I gets pretty old fast. Do what the sites say and write in third.

Open with a strong sentence. This is going to be the first thing that someone sees. So do it right! You want to state your name clearly and who you are. Taylor Lavati is a writer, blah blah blah. You want to clearly state who you classify yourself as and what you do.

Don't mention personal life. Whoever is going to read your author bio, whether that be literary agent, editor or publisher they don't care about your dog, cat, shoe size or hair color. Only mention something if it deals with your project or has to do with writing or literature.

Mention organizations you belong to. You don't have to mention those that don't have to do with reading. For example I am part of an exclusive writing group on yahoo. They only let in certain people and you have to have references. I brought this into my bio and mentioned the creator, who is a notable author. This makes me seem established and involved with author communities.

Mention any writing awards or mentions you have. I mean this is pretty obvious. If you haven't won anything then don't say anything. It's always good to boast a little. You want the person reading to know you are worth it after all.

Tell them about your social presence. If you run a book related blog tell them. This is a huge one! If they know you have hundreds of twitter followers, facebook friends and blog followers this is a huge plus. They love to see that other people believe in you.

HMMM. I can't think of anything else. Does anyone have anything else to add? These are hard, right? It's not just me.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Update and Teaser!

Hello everyone! Special shout out to all of my new followers. Thanks for showing that you believe in what I'm doing. I love you all! :) Now to the update. I've gotten three emails back thus far about my queries. I only sent out manuscripts to well established publishers so before you said it's b-s- let me say, it's not. It's a big deal! I'm super proud and have been talking with a couple different people.

I've been so busy this week because I'm taking a vacation next week. I'm headed to Spain for ten days! Never been anywhere outside of the United States so I'm dying with excitement. I'm going to do keep post while I'm gone so don't worry. I have internet.

Here's your teaser. I love this one because it shows the relationship between Ryder and Junior. Junior is Ryder's neighborhood and best friend- only friend. He was there for her during hard time but they also have a truly loving relationship. Here it is!

I tell him everything. I tell him how I’m scared of the new guy. I confess that once I let him in he’ll leave me like my mother or dump me like Becca. I tell him how she humiliated me in class and bitched me out. The only part I leave out is the super strength or whatever that is. 
It’s amazing when I talk to Junior because he doesn’t judge me. There are no secrets between us- minus the one little thing. Our relationship is refreshing. When I talk to him, it’s easy. He knows me too well. I’m not embarrassed. I don’t feel like a complete loser. 
I don’t even realize I’m fully crying until I’ve finished the story. Quiet crocodile tears slowly roll down my cheeks. How can I even have tears left after the last couple years?

So.. How was it? Remember this isn't edited yet so whatever I post on here, may not actually be how it ends up. It may not even be in the book at all! Either way I love the relationship between the two and I think they're a perfect combo even though their opposites

Until next week...


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Prologues | Part 2

"How good was the beginning of the book?" I asked my boyfriend. Recently we both started reading A Game of Thrones together. We love the HBO series and figured it would be fun to read simultaneously  You know, a couple thing. So I asked how he liked the beginning.

He answered by talking about chapter one and how he liked it was from so-and-so's point of view. I paused thinking back to the beginning remembering the prologue. I asked, "What about the prologue? Did you like that part?" Now, this book's prologue is pretty long. It's the length of a chapter so it's hard to miss. He proceeded to tell me how he skipped it.

I cringed because I have a prologue on my book. I love my prologue! I would hate for someone like Chris to just skip over it. It adds a little something to the book. It sets the scene and lets you know what is to come in the story. So my question is...

Who really reads a prologue?

Here's the thing. People think the prologue has nothing to do with the story so they skip it. They find it unnecessary and want to dive right into the book. PATIENCE PEOPLE! When and if a prologue is done right, you shouldn't want to skip it.

I found a page  that explains prologues very well. There are three questions that someone should ask themselves if they're writing or contemplating using a prologue.

ONE- Can I call it chapter one and work? If the answer is yes then just do it. If it can flow by being called chapter one then just do it. You don't want to risk someone skipping it so make them think it's chapter one. That's a great way to still have the ideas from your prologue but in the story making sure it's read.

TWO- Does the reader need background before the story? If yes, use a prologue. I can't stand it when chapter one starts with a major info dump. We don't care what color the grass is and that their house is brown. We don't care if five years ago her sister left. Well we might but if it doesn't necessarily have to do with the story maybe a prologue is a better way to give the reader the information. I swear an info dump in chapter one turns me off from the book and may make me not read it.

THREE- Is the prologue just there to hook the reader? If yes, ditch it. Why would you want to hook the reader in a prologue and then hook them again in chapter one. That makes no sense at all. Just hook them once and keep them! It's much easier to hook with the actual story then some crazy event that has nothing to do with the present day book.

How do you make someone not skip it?

If you're revealing something from the past, do it well. Make it something that the reader needs to know. Relate it to the characters. Make it stand out.

DO NOT INFO DUMP. Not sure how many ways I have to say this but I will for sure skip the prologue and possible the whole book if it's all info dump. Gradually get the reader the information through dialogue or reflection.

If you're setting the stage or feel for the rest of the book, it better be good. If you are writing a paranormal but the aspects are introduced until late in the book, show it in the prologue. Give us a hint what the book is going to be about.

WARNING: The word, prologue on the page may be enough to turn someone off. Just seeing the word makes people skip the pages. There's really nothing you can do for those readers. The best thing to do with a prologue is- make sure you need it, scrap it or make it damn memorable.


Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Market a Book?

So I received TWO emails back from two DIFFERENT publishing houses interested to learn more about my book. Let me just say that I am ecstatic  I didn't think I would hear anything for months and it would probably be negative. So one wanted my full manuscript- no problem. The other (a larger company) wanted the next three chapters and ideas for my marketing plan.

Marketing Plan? What the hell is that? So I've been doing some research and trying to figure out what I'm going to say back to this woman. I don't want to sound like an idiot! So I ask for your help? Firstly, here's what I've found.

Number One- Figure out your goals!

At first I thought, well obviously I want to sell my book. It's more than that. Do you want to be a best seller or just get your book out there. I had some trouble answering this question. I mean I want my book to do well but I don't have crazy goals. I guess I just want people to like my book.

Number Two- Audience!

It is completely unrealistic for all of you people who say your book is for everyone. It's not. Best sellers sell around two to three million copies. That many only reach three percent of the reading population. The odds that your book relates to everyone is very VERY slim. If you narrow down your audience and appeal directly to them, the odds that your book does well is high.

Number Three- Budget :(

I hate this one. I wish there was a way to get around the money aspect but there really isn't. You have to spend some money to get your book going. Whether that be buying adds, ordering books for free copies, creating a book trailer. All of that will pay off. The more you put in, the more you get out!

Number Four- Establish a Theme

At first I didn't think this was important. I mean really who cares what the theme of the book is. They read it for the drama, the story and if there is a moral so be it. I am wrong, just for the record. The book shouldn't just be there for the story. You want your reader to gain some understanding, to learn something or to witness something important. Theme is important to establish because you can do a lot with it.

So here's what I need some help with... Now what? How do I even start to figure out where to begin? I have a blog, I have a website, I'm pretty consistently involved in social media. How to I start finding someone to host a guest post and all that junk? I would really appreciate if anyone has some advice for me! I am completely new and never thought I would even get this far. THANK YOU!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Teaser!

Hey everyone! I don't have too much news this week, sadly. I've decided that I'm going to see what some publishers think of my book. I'll probably still do self-publishing but who knows. I've sent out around ten manuscripts thus far. I've already got a response back asking for the full manuscript which is good news! I will keep you all posted on that.

Don't forget to follow me on....

Twitter! @taylorjaneeeee

Here is your teaser for the week. It's a pivotal moment for the main character Ryder. Her luck seems to be turning up and she's actually happy again. I love how her life changes in this book. She goes through a long and grueling transformation but becomes an independent woman. Mary is the school library, who mostly sees Ryder hiding out from Becca, a bully.

I rush to the library anticipating seeing Ollie after the last bell rings. I stop at the circulation desk and say ‘hi’ to Mary. 
“I’m tutoring a guy here every day from now on” I tell Mary excitedly. She can see the joy in my expression and returns it whole heartedly.
“That’s wonderful! I’ll be sure to send him back.” She says and I start to head back to my spot. “You seem happy.” She calls after me. 
“Yeah, I think I am.” I confess back, beaming with happiness. I am on cloud nine. A couple minutes pass and I stare down that freaking front door. It does budge for a good while. Then I watch him walk in. 

Here's another small sneak peak for you. This is a possible part of a cover. I'm wondering what you all think. What does the picture tell you? What sort of genre do you think of? What mood does it put you in? Help me out here guys! Comment please, if you have the time!

Enjoy! Talk to you all next week and thanks for reading! We've had a ton of new people commenting and reading. I truly do notice and thank you all for the continued support.


P.S. Please don't try to download the picture I've uploaded. I own all the rights to it and I would hate for someone to steal from me. THANK YOU!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Hook 'Em!

I've been struggling with the first couple pages from my book. I know, I'm getting nit-picky but I want it to be perfect. I want to hook the reader and make it as interesting as possible from the start. There are some books that I just can't get into. Some book are hard to get into at first but you have to stick with it. I want my book to wrap you in from the very first line.

Some things I hate...

I hate it when a book starts with descriptions. It's annoying and boring. How is that going to wrap me in? It's not. It's hard to just jump into a storyline without telling the reader anything but honestly, it's better. Sprinkle in back story. I absolutely hate it when the book starts with a huge info dump.

I've seen more and more books start with dialog. I hate that too! It works because you start right at an action and you'e in the situation but it's way over done. Every other book I read starts this way. Internal dialog however, isn't so bad. In fact, I like that because you learn about the character.

I like...

when a book starts with a quote. You don't see it much but for me, it does a great job. It sets the scene for the book and the chapter. It gets you into the mind frame the book wants to be in. It also makes you wonder which is a great way to hook a reader. If you have to think about what the quote means then you're going to read on to figure it out.

I love...

when a book starts right in the action. I love love love it when a book starts and you're immediately wrapped into a huge moment. Whether it be a flashback or flash forward or conflict, it's always interesting to be in the action. I think this is one of the best ways to start a book.

What do you guys find is the best way to hook your reader? Do the first few lines even matter? How much will you read before you decide the book isn't for you?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Should I Hire an Editor?

Do I really need an editor?

I have been highly contemplating this question for a couple weeks now. I've had beta readers going through my book consistently but I feel like that isn't enough. What I've seen is that because beta readers are free, they go through the book fast and give very general comments. There is always the exception where they do a line by line edit but it's rare. Out of my seven or so readers, one finished the whole book thus far. It's not so much a priority and I'm getting restless.

So I want to polish up my book but I've read it probably close to a hundred times. I'm sure I've missed a lot. The grammatical aspect isn't what I'm super worried about. When I read another book (if it's self published) I find that I can look the other way on errors- as long as it doesn't take away from the story. What I'm more looking for is someone to look at development, plot and the overall story. Maybe I use too many 'ly' adjectives or too much filler.

What does an editor really do?

There's a great blog that I view that is done by a book editor. It's run by +Laura CarlsonHere is a link. She explains the different types of editing done to books. She also offers her services and blogs frequently. If you follow her, tell her I sent you! :)

Manuscript Critique This is the most basic form of editing. The editor will read your book and give their feedback. They don't edit into the novel instead most write a couple pages of notes. There's not much grammatical unless the issue is blaring. Mostly the editor looks for plot holes, issues with character development and any other general thoughts.

Copy Editing This is a more in depth look into your manuscript. Copy editors looks for formatting, style and accuracy in the writing. This style of editing may not look so much at the substance of your writing but more at the grammar and sentences. Most editors edit into the novel making the authors editing easier. It takes more time for an editor and tends to me significantly more expensive than a critique.

Content Editing This is the other end of the spectrum in regards to copy editing. Instead of focusing on grammar, flow and styling this form of editing focuses solely on the meat of your book. This form is also done into the manuscript and is very specific. For Laura, she says that each chapter gets a couple pages of feedback. This form of editing is a step above manuscript critiques and much more in depth- making it more expensive.

Developmental Editing This is a different type of editing altogether. Usually a developmental editor will meet or talk with an author in the early stages of their book. They talk about where the book is headed, plot and how it all will come together. Once the book is finished this type of editing usually goes through and makes sure paragraphs are where they should be. They also address cutting and adding to the book- suggesting where to go on and if the book is whole.

Is it worth the price?

I did a post a couple months ago about editing prices. This stuff isn't cheap- but that's okay. If the service was cheap it wouldn't be reputable and the editor probably wouldn't care as much. The prices end up being worth it. I can't tell you how many reviews I see on amazon where someone says the ending was awful or they couldn't relate to a character. These issues could have been fixed, had they hired an editor prior to releasing the book.

This page shows just how much editing is according to EFA. This of course are averages but it's nice to keep these in the back of your mind. The last thing you want is to get scammed and someone to take your money. So keep in mind that if you see prices way above or way below these, it's probably BS.

In my personal opinion I do this it's worth it to hire an editor. I've contacted several editors getting quotes and getting a feel for them. I want my work to be the best that it can be. I don't want a reader to start and think I got lazy with editing.

How do I pick an editor?

This is very important  It's crucial to shop around and find someone who fits with you. It would be stupid to hire an editor that doesn't like your specific genre. They already aren't going to fit well. Look into previous works an editor has done and see if you fit in. Email the editor and talk about your work- you'll be able to tell if they're interested or not. You want someone who will be on your team and ultimately support you. Don't be hasty and pick a random person. It's important you get the best bang for you buck.

Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Liebster Award

Hey guys! I've been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by +K. Nowinsky! First things first, I want to thank her for thinking of me. :) Honestly, I had no idea what this was but it's pretty cool. It's a great way to find blogs and promote your own.

11 Random Facts About Me!
1. I danced half time at a New York Knicks game in 2005.
2. I am obsessed with all things supernatural (duh!).
3. I can't walk into Barnes and Noble without buying something. I was there Sunday and my boyfriend literally had to usher me out. I still bought one thing.
4. I have the best dog, Beau in the entire world. He sleeps in bed with me and is truly my love.
5. I don't like chocolate much. I know, I'm such a loser!
6. I go camping at least once a year.
7. My favorite state is Vermont and I go there at least twice a year. Wilmington is where it's at.
8. I'm a huge people watcher.
9. I graduate from college in the fall and will have an early childhood teaching degree.
10. My real hair color is blonde- right now it's reddish brown and before that it was pink. I have hair ADD.
11. I truly read and love every person who supports me. I am on this every single day and respond to every single comment. I am dedicated to my book and will do anything to see it succeed.

11 Questions
1. What is your favorite all time movie?
              Honestly, I have no idea how to answer this. I could watch the Hunger Games over and over again. I think they did a great job with that movie. I tend to favor comedies so classics and new movies are on my list. The Hangover- classic. Pitch Perfect- loved it. As for all time favorite... Might have to be The Watch. However, tomorrow it may be different. I'm in a silly mood.

2. If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
              I really want to go to Australia. The atmosphere, location, really everything about it appeals to me. I hate flying though so I doubt I will ever have the balls to venture down there. I'm going to Spain this month so we'll see how I do there.

3. How often are you online and how long?
               I have an iphone, mac and computer at work. I am constantly online. I like being on as much as possible. I think having a strong social networking presence helps to get your name out there. You can't just reply thanks, it needs to be personalized so I'm constantly on responding and replying. How long? I don't know, collectively 3 to 5 hours a day. Maybe?

4.  What is your favorite sport to play or watch or both?
             To play is ice hockey. I was on the girls varisity team in high school and I love ice hockey. To watch I would have to say football. I am a huge giants fan and I just like watching it. Basketball comes in a close second though. I enjoy me some Miami Heat. :)

5. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be and why?
              I don't regret a single thing in my life thus far and I don't plan on it. I think life is way to short to think what if and wonder what would happen if something changed. I don't go around screaming YOLO and doing stupid stuff but I don't look back and wish things were different. I follow the saying, everything happens for a reason. If I changed something from my past, I wouldn't be where I am today.

6. What was the last song you listened to?
             Starts with Goodbye- Carrie Underwood

7. When was the last time you donated to a charity?
              Does donating time count? If so I do a lot for my church. I am highly involved and spend a lot of time there. On Friday I visit a food pantry and give them bread and various things that they need. I don't have the money to spare but when I can I like to be involved in the community.

8. Have you ever ridden the subway or mass transit? Where and why?
             Of course I have. I like near New York City. I would be stupid to drive there, it's a nightmare. Whenever I go to the city, I jump on a train to get there. In the city, most of the time I walk where I need to go but I've taken the subway a couple of times.

9. Are you happy with how you look? Why or why not?
             I am very happy with how I look. I would never ever consider any kind of plastic surgery or altering. The only thing I change on myself is my hair color, for fun. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of my hair color right this second but it's never permanent. I love tattoos too. I only have one but my next one is ready for when I get back from Spain. I'm addicted to tattoos! :)

10. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
            The last person I talked to was my boyfriend's mother. My boyfriend and I are long distance and he's with me right now so she was calling to see what we were doing. I love talking to her and I'm very close with her. I'm not around their house much which stinks.

11. What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?
            Beauty from pain by Georgia Cates. I would definitely recommend it.

Questions For The Next Victims
1. Who inspires you the most? Why?
2. What is your dream job? Is it your job now?
3. What is your favorite song/artist? What makes you love them?
4. If you had to live in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?
5. Have you ever been in love? What happened?
6. Favorite book genre. Why?
7. Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?
8. Favorite tv series. Why?
9. If you could have one super power for the day, what would it be?
10. Who was the last person you saw?
11.  Do you have any regrets in your life? Why are they regrets?

AND My 11 Nominees Are...
1.Book Hounds... YA +Mary BookHounds Jacobs
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3.Starry Eyed Revue
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10. Lost In Literature
11. Mom Of 5 and Still Alive

So... that was really fun! Thanks again for nominating me K. Nowinsky. I really do appreciate it! I hope you all enjoy the little interview with myself. I can't wait to see who else posts. Looking forward to all of the replies. Let me know if anyone wants to do guest posts or shout outs or anything like that. I am looking to broaden my reach. Always willing to help another blogger out. THANKS FOR READING!


Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Giveaway

No Joke - Win Big April Fools Giveaway
Kindle Fire HD 7" Giveaway

The winner will have the option of receiving a 7" Kindle Fire HD (US Only)

Or $199 Gift Card (International)

Or $199 in Paypal Cash (International)

Sponsoring Authors

The Breeders by Katie French

"The Breeders is a YA dystopian read that's as gritty and dark as the cover and title suggest. It takes a look at how society might devolve if females were commodities: bought, sold, stolen, and traded to keep the dwindling human race going. Frightening concept. I loved it." --A.G. Henley, author of The Scourge

Dissidence by Jamie Canosa

"An amazingly snarky protagonist, two hot boys, a mass rebellion, and an ending that will blow your mind are the perfect ingredients that will make Dissidence the next big thing in YA." --Beth, YA Sisterhood

The Moon Dwellers and Fire Country 
by David Estes

“Fire Country is an epic start to the Country saga and left me with my heart pounding and totally breathless. Phenomenal"

Blue Hearts of Mars by Nicole Grotepas

Love between humans and androids is forbidden, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen...

The Tale of Mally Biddle by M.L. LeGette

"To say I loved this book is an understatement." --April Holgate

Terra by Gretchen Powell

"This could be your world... but it's definitely Terra's, and she navigates it with determination, and a longing for answers that makes her story engrossing and entertaining." --

After the Fear by Rosanne Rivers

"The book is just breathtaking from the moment you start till the moment you put it down." -- Amazon review

Entanglement by Dan Rix

A YA Dystopian Romance where every human is born with a soulmate, whom they meet on their 18th birthday...and the one boy who's the exception.

daynight by Megan Thomason

“Sure to win over YA readers looking for a dangerous, dystopian adventure story” --Kirkus Reviews
 “Gripping; page-turner” --BlueInk Review (starred review)

Fields of Elysium by A.B. Whelan

"The novel's take on otherworldly travel is a compelling one, and the romantic plot will likely appeal to Twilight fans." - Kirkus Reviews

Giveaway Details
1 winner will receive their choice of a Kindle Fire HD (US Only), $199 Amazon Gift Card or $199 in Paypal Cash (International).
Ends 4/15/13

Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and sponsored by the participating authors. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

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