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Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Teaser!

Hey everyone! I don't have too much news this week, sadly. I've decided that I'm going to see what some publishers think of my book. I'll probably still do self-publishing but who knows. I've sent out around ten manuscripts thus far. I've already got a response back asking for the full manuscript which is good news! I will keep you all posted on that.

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Here is your teaser for the week. It's a pivotal moment for the main character Ryder. Her luck seems to be turning up and she's actually happy again. I love how her life changes in this book. She goes through a long and grueling transformation but becomes an independent woman. Mary is the school library, who mostly sees Ryder hiding out from Becca, a bully.

I rush to the library anticipating seeing Ollie after the last bell rings. I stop at the circulation desk and say ‘hi’ to Mary. 
“I’m tutoring a guy here every day from now on” I tell Mary excitedly. She can see the joy in my expression and returns it whole heartedly.
“That’s wonderful! I’ll be sure to send him back.” She says and I start to head back to my spot. “You seem happy.” She calls after me. 
“Yeah, I think I am.” I confess back, beaming with happiness. I am on cloud nine. A couple minutes pass and I stare down that freaking front door. It does budge for a good while. Then I watch him walk in. 

Here's another small sneak peak for you. This is a possible part of a cover. I'm wondering what you all think. What does the picture tell you? What sort of genre do you think of? What mood does it put you in? Help me out here guys! Comment please, if you have the time!

Enjoy! Talk to you all next week and thanks for reading! We've had a ton of new people commenting and reading. I truly do notice and thank you all for the continued support.


P.S. Please don't try to download the picture I've uploaded. I own all the rights to it and I would hate for someone to steal from me. THANK YOU!!

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