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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Writing Exercises | Metaphors

So I've been considering putting various writing exercises on here that help writers expand their work to make it better. I've been taking many literature classes in college and some really help. So, every Wednesday I am going to post an exercise that I think is awesome. Starting today!

This one helps to make metaphors....

  • Write out a short paragraph describing an event or a place. Place works really well. 
  • Fold a separate piece of paper in half, weiner style.
  • On the left, write all of the concrete nouns. 
    • Examples: house, phone, clock, ocean, sky, etc.
  • On the right, write all of the abstract nouns. 
    • Examples: want, need, crave, desire, hunger, respect, etc.
    • If there aren't many in there just make them up.
  • Combine the two to make really cool visual images.
The sentence starts like this, "The ocean was so appealing and I wanted to jump into it."
Now after fixing it up, "It was an ocean filled with desire."

How much better does that sound? You almost feel the need to get in the ocean. It just creates a much deeper meaning and reads a lot better.

MAKE YOUR OWN. I want to see some really great imagery. You can get swept away in these. This exercise is a great way to paint pictures in your writing and get the feeling across. Try it and let me see what you come up with. 

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