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Friday, June 20, 2014

A Reliant Love Links

Everything you need to buy A Reliant Love. 

Createspace Copy
Amazon Paperback
Don't forget that you can get a sample of the novel from amazon before you buy it. I also have tons of teasers on my website if you need that little extra push.
Also if you're willing to review the book, email me because I'll send over a FREE ebook copy. 
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5 Reasons To Get A Reliant Love Today!

1. Samuel Torrington may have a pretty messed up life, but he's also a good guy at heart. Despite his rough past, he's trying to move on and has a plan for his life. He's mature but also fun. His personality is all over the place but at the root of him, he's solid. Also, just look at him. Sam's a total babe. 

2. Nathalie. She is easily one of the most relatable, lovable characters out there. She doesn't have a bad bone in her body. She wants to be a vet-tech so she can help animals. She wants to do good in the world. Nathalie is the girl you want to be. You'll fall right in love with her and her pure motives

3.The supporting characters are what make the book. Petey, Sarah, Cindy, Frank and Karina are each their own person and support Nathalie and Sam through their relationship. Sometimes they fight, sometimes they cry, but they're always there for each other. 

4. True love. Whether it's unconventional or may seem wrong at times, true love is true love. And you know it. This is one of those books that we truly have a couple who are deeply in love and nothing, not even a crippling addiction, can change that. It's rare to find, but Nathalie and Sam share it. 

5. The story is like nothing you've read before. It is unique and original and you'll be taken on quite the ride. It is a romance, but it's also dark. There's a lot of hard situations that aren't surface. Addiction is serious and Sam and Nat suffer quite a bit. It's heartwarming yet also heartbreaking and it's a book that makes you question your own life. But it's worth it to see how this couple deals with their hardships. 

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A Reliant Love is published and ready to go.
Have you gotten your copy yet?

Want a freebie? 
Enter this giveaway and I'll pick 5 winners!
That's right...
What are you waiting for?

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A Reliant Love | Before the Pages Interviews 3

Have you picked up your copy of A Reliant Love yet? If not, hurry up and go, go, go! It's finally on sale. And please, don't forget to leave a rating or review. It really helps us independent authors out! Check out the goodreads page too. I promise, I'll love ya forever.

Here's the interviews with Frank and Karina. 

Frank's up first.

Interviewer: Hello there. Please tell us your name, age and something fun about yourself.
Frank: My name's Frank, I'm twenty-two and I'm from here. I just switched to a part-time student since last semester was so tough. But it's no problem. Now I just got more time to party.
I: So you're a big partier?
F: When you live with Sam Torrington, you gotta be. Although Sam and I go way back so it's not like I'm using him. Cuz I'm totally not. Sam's all mopey lately anyway. Wait, do you know Sam?
I: No, I don't know him. Anyway, what do you do in your free time?
F: I smoke a lot. We have get-togethers almost every night once school starts back up. It's crazy. Right now is like the calm before the storm. It's just been the three of us lately, which is cool and all.
I: The three of you?
F: Well it's me, and Karina, my girlfriend and then Sam. But he's been working lately since I haven't been able to pay rent. Luckily Karina's workin too.
I: How is high school different than college?
F: High school was great and all, but everyone's always watching you. College you're completely free. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want to. It's pretty awesome. Only thing I miss is my parents money. Weed and beer can get pricey.
I: What's your plan for after college?
F: Who knows. Hopefully I can finish up in a year or two. I'm not in a rush. I like living the slow life. I'm just chillin and wherever life takes me I'll go.
I: Anything else you'd like to say?
F: Is this going to be published?
I: I'm not sure. It might.
F: Legalize marijuana! Nobody dies from it. It only makes you happy. Let us live in pace! Freedom for all!

Here's Karina!

Interviewer: Welcome and thanks for meeting with us today. What's your name, age and a little something about you.
Karina: Karina, I'm twenty. I used to be a ballet dancer. I know, I know. I don't look it but my mom forced me into classes until I was sixteen. I was actually pretty good, too.
I: Why did you stop?
K: I had a falling out with my parents. I move across the country when I was sixteen and lived with some extended family. I haven't seen them since. I left ballet with my old life.
I: Wow, that was a very young age. How did you do it?
K: It was stay and die or leave and get a chance at a real life. I chose living.
I: That must have been a hard decision. 
K: When your dad beats the shit out of you, the choice is easy. Leaving my mom was tough, but every once and a while I'll call. The story's the same. 
I: You're quite open about your past. It's admirable. So did you finish highschool? What made you chose UMA?
K: I got my GED when I was living with my second cousin. All I had to do was pass a simple test. I saved up money and got my own car and then I drove until I felt like stopping. UMA was right off the highway and I had a weird epifany and decided I wanted to go to college. The dean was there so we chatted and he said he'd give me a try for a semester and if my grades were above a 3.0 I'd be accepted. I've been here for three years now. Only one more left to go. 
I: What a great story! So are you staying on campus?
K: I actually live with my friend, Sam and boyfriend. It's not an ideal living situation but it's a place to stay and Sam barely charges me. It's truly become my home. 
I: What are your plans after college?
K: I just want a stable job and a place to stay. I want to create a life for myself. Hopefully Frank will be a part of it. I love him and we've been together for two years. He has some growing up to do, but I'll wait for him forever.
I: Well, I wish you the very best.
K: Thanks so much!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Reliant Love | Before the Pages Interviews 2

One more day until A Reliant Love is available to all of you lovely people! I can't wait to hear your feedback and for everyone to read it. Remember, it's completely different than the Curse Books series and something I've never done before. I just am so excited for you all to read it!
Today we're interviewing Pete and Cindy. Separately, of course. 

First up is Petey, let's see what he has to say.

Interviewer: Welcome. Thank's for taking the time to meet with us.
Pete: Sure. I mean, it's required, right?
I: Technically, yes. Please state your name, age and something about yourself. 
P: The name's Peter MacDonald. I'm twenty-two and a senior at UMA. I played varsity football and lacrosse in high school and was pretty damn good.
I: Do you play here?
P: No, I quit after high school. Well, not quit. I just don't really have time for a lot of extras. I work a lot of different jobs so I'm busy. Plus school. Sports fell down the responsibility ladder.
I: What do you do for work?
P: I work at a bar. I do yard work for my apartment building--it pays the rent. I also will do odd jobs when people need it. Sometimes I'm a bouncer during the school year. Random stuff, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.
I: When you have free time, what do you like to do?
P: A lot of the time, I go home. I have a twin and my mom is home a lot. My sister is in a wheelchair so I  like to check in and make sure everything's okay. 
I: What's your sister's name?
P: Sarah.
I: If you don't mind me asking, why is she in a wheelchair?
P: I actually do mind you asking. So if we can move on, that'd be great. Last time I checked this was questions about school. 
I: Sorry. So what is your major and plans after college?
P: I'm a liberal arts major. I don't really have a plan yet. I know, that sounds crazy, but I'm happy where I'm at. I'll probably move home for a little, make sure everything's settled and then get a real job. I like bars and food so maybe I'll work at a restaurant or own one, or something. I'm not worried.
I: All right. Thanks for talking!
P: No problem. Sorry about, uh, before, you know.

Cindy's interview, coming right up!

Interviewer: Hello and welcome. Please state your name, age and something about yourself.
Cindy: My name is Cynthia Whitmore, but everyone calls me Cindy. I'm just eighteen and a freshman. I'm living in Winter dorms this year and I'm super excited. Something about me? I'm obsessed with changing my hair color.
I: Great! So what's your favorite color?
C: Tough question. My favorite is probably black. But I love when my hair is blue or maroon. The dark hues really go with my lighter skin. 
I: So what are you looking forward to about college?
C: The partying of course. My dad owns a chain of clubs so I'm used to it, but now that I have a fake ID I can't wait to meet some awesome people and party.
I: Is there anything you're nervous about?
C: Well this weekend I met my roommate and she seems all right and all but I have a feeling she's going to be a major problem. She kept telling me about all the older guys she's hooked up with. I'm praying she doesn't plan to bring them to the dorm room. I don't judge but I need my quiet time, too. 
I: How do you think college will be different than high school?
C: Hopefully people will be cooler. In my high school the rich bitches always talked shit on me. They'd call me shit and laugh. It's not like I care, but I hope in college people are a bit more mature. I know my hair's a spectacle sometimes, but who cares. I can do whatever I want. Nobody's going to change that. 
I: What do you like to do in your free time?
C: I love me some movies. I'm a huge TV and movie nut. Sometimes I'll stay home on the weekend and binge watch something on Netflix. I mean, who doesn't. But seriously, I go crazy. I think I've watched every single episode of every season of Survivor. 
I: Lastly, what do you want to do after college.
C: Seriously? I have no idea. I want to be a veterinarian or a tech so that's my job. But as to where I'll live or where I'll travel, who knows. I can pretty much do whatever. But for now, and at least the next four years, I'm good with being here.
I: Well, we hope you have a great year. 
C: Thanks! If you ever want a makeover, you know where to go. 

The book will be released TOMORROW so get ready. Also don't forget to enter the good reads giveaway by midnight tonight for a chance to win the first paperback copy of ARL! 
Tomorrow, I'm going to post interviews with Frank and Karina, Sam's roommates so be sure to check it out. I'll also have some giveaway going on for kindle copies, nook copies and even some paperbacks. It's going to be a fun day so come back!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Reliant Love by Taylor Lavati

A Reliant Love

by Taylor Lavati

Giveaway ends June 20, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Reliant Love | Before the Pages Interviews 1

A RELIANT LOVE COMES OUT IN TWO DAYS! If you couldn't tell, I'm extremely excited. In honor of the book release, I've come up with some really awesome interviews with all of the main characters. I know! AMAZING! 

The characters think this is an interview for school. 
Let's start with my main chick, Nathalie. 

Interviewer: Please state your name, age and a little something about you.
Nathalie: My name is Nathalie Carter. I'm eighteen. I'm a coffee and sugar addict but I think my habits will come in handy since I'm going to be a freshman at UMA in just a couple days.
I: That's very exciting. What made you chose UMA?
N: Well, I have been preparing my entire high school career for college. I knew I had to chose a school close to home, but didn't want something too close. So since UMA is only a few hours away, it was meant to me. My stellar grades and extracurriculars were too amazing to pass up on. 
I: What sort of extras did you enjoy in school?
N: I didn't really enjoy them as much as need them. I was on yearbook and dance team. I also played field hockey and volunteered at most school functions. I didn't really like any of it, but it got me to where I am, so I'm thankful.
I: Did you enjoy high school?
N: I think I will when I look back on it. Right now, I'm so focused on moving forward and my new life that's about to start that I don't even want to look back on high school. *pause* Actually, yes, I did enjoy it. But only because of my best friend, Hannah.
I: Is Hannah also going to UMA?
N: Unfortunately, no. Hannah decided to skip college and just moved in with her boyfriend.
I: Speaking of boyfriends, did you have many in high school?
N: I had one serious boyfriend. But Drew is a douche, and to say I hate him would be an understatement. He's a cheater. Thus why we aren't together.
I: I'm sorry to hear that. What are you looking forward to most in your new adventure?
N: Everything. I want to experience it all. I hate heights, but if I was given the opportunity to jump from a plane, I'd do it just to say I did. I want to get drunk and have fun, and meet people I'd never normally meet. I want it all. 
I: It sounds like you're going to have a very busy year.
N: I hope so. I may seem a bit crazy but I promise, I'm not. I've just had to live so long with my parents breathing down my back and now that I'm free, I want to learn and grow. I want to find the right people to surround myself with. I want that crazy love, too. But I'm not looking for it. I have hope that the right guy will find me. I have hope that things will finally go my way.
I: Well, I'm very excited to hear how you do.
N: I promise to check in. 

Now onto Samuel. 

Interviewer: Please state your name, age and something about yourself.
Samuel: Sam Torrington, twenty-two years old. I'm a senior here and waiting to get out.
I: Get out from where exactly?
S: Here. You know, why are we even doing this interview? I don't get it. I've never been interviewed once since starting at UMA four years ago. You guys are slacking.
I: Let's get back to you, Sam. What do you like to do in your free time?
S: *sighs* Well, I don't have much free time. I'm a business major and trying to finish as fast as possible. Plus I have to work in the summers to afford my house. Doesn't leave me with much time. 
I: So you don't do anything for yourself?
S: Not really. 
I: What was your high school experience compared to college?
S: Seriously? You're asking me about high school. I don't talk about high school anymore. But if I learned one thing it's that we all don't deserve to be happy. Some people are just meant to float along in life. That's me. So that's why I'm getting the hell out of here so I can just live in peace and quiet.
I: That's an interesting plan. What will you do when you leave?
S: I'll have my business degree so I can get a job. Maybe, I'll open a store in the mountains somewhere where not a lot of people go. My house will be hidden in the woods, nobody can find me, even if they wanted to. There will be just enough room for just me and it will be quiet all the time. Maybe I'll get a dog, but only if I get lonely. I don't need much.
I: That's actually really beautiful. Why do you want to be alone?
S: It's not what I want, it's what I deserve. I ruined a lot of things and if I'm alone in the woods, I can't ruin much more. Nobody even has to interact with me. I can't do much harm up there.
I: Anything you're looking forward to this year at UMA?
S: Finishing. My classes are pretty easy. All I have to do is show up to my classes and I'm good to go. It'll be bittersweet saying goodbye but I'm ready. I just have to remain distant from my peers and I'll be good. 
I: Anyone you'll miss?
S: My roommate Karina and I have gotten close. Her boyfriend, Frank. Sometimes he's a douche, but I'll miss his humor. Sarah will be the toughest but she's the reason I have to go.
I: Who's Sarah?
S: Nobody. I'm done here. Thanks. 

Thoughts? Predictions? How do you like the two main characters? The book switches between their POVs so you're going to get to know them both very well. Don't forget to enter the goodreads giveaway before Friday to get one of the first copies of ARL.

Tomorrow we're interviewing Pete and Cindy. 

And Friday we're interviewing Frank and Karina. Plus having a massive giveaway/launch day party. I hope you'll all join us! 

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Reliant Love by Taylor Lavati

A Reliant Love

by Taylor Lavati

Giveaway ends June 20, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Friday, June 13, 2014

A Reliant Love | Wrap and Release

Hey guys! I only have a few moments but I have a fun, eye pleasing teaser. It's the wrap cover to A Reliant love! How beautiful is it? I used Laura Gordon again. She's phenomenal and I love every cover she's done for me. She did TCOB, too!

I'm happy to announce that A Reliant Love will be released...
JUNE 20, 2014!
In  case you want some more eye candy. Enjoy this pic of Samuel from A Reliant Love. I love him despite all of his problems. He has a good heart, I promise! I can't wait for everyone to meet him. Before I forget, enter the goodreads giveaway that's up for ARL right now! It's the first copy of it! 

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Reliant Love by Taylor Lavati

A Reliant Love

by Taylor Lavati

Giveaway ends June 20, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win
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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Reliant Love | Chapter One

PEOPLE OF THE BLOG-IVERSE! ARC copies of A Reliant Love have been sent out. You know what that means... here comes the teasers. I'm hoping to release the novel in the next two weeks. I just can't wait to get it out there. It will be available in both kindle and paperback formats.
I don't have links, but guess what, it's up on goodreads!!

Add it to your TBR list and I'll pick a random person to give away one of the first paperback or kindle copies! Check out the blurb and cover over there.

BUT TODAY as a special thank you to my ARC reviewers (you can thank them for this) I'm going to drop the first chapter. So without waiting any further, here it is! If you'd like an electronic version in exchange for a review, email me!

No way. I pull my red truck up to the curb of my alleged new home. After parking the enormous vehicle my parents just had to get me for my sweet sixteen two years ago, I grab the ad printout, which lies crumpled on my passenger seat, and compare it to the building I’m now staring at, destined to live in. 
“Apartment in downtown area. Plenty to do.” Yeah, well, I guess they forgot to mention that by saying “downtown,” they really meant ghetto and by “plenty to do,” they meant dealing drugs and prostituting. I’m not quick to judge, but just on my drive in, I passed some sketchy-looking people smoking what looked like a joint in clear daylight. 
Maybe the inside is better? But even as my mind goes there, I know it’s not true. Sighing to myself, I jump out of my big wheeled truck, bringing the keys with me. At home, I’d leave the keys in the ignition and know nobody would touch the car. Of course, that’s probably the only advantage to living in one of the richest towns in Connecticut. 
But here, I highly doubt that my custom car is safe, especially parked curb side. So I shut the door and lock it—clicking one, two, three times just for good measure. I pull on the handle to make sure it’s locked since my entire life’s worth of possessions are inside. Luckily, my tinted windows hide what’s in there. Not that I have that much stuff. This is my first time moving away from home, so my truck was able to house it all. 
I take a deep breath and step my flip-flopped foot towards my new home. While staring up at the multiple floors, I don’t look where I’m walking and fall forward over the broken sidewalk. I trip, but luckily, my arms are fast, and I catch myself, saving the immediate danger of an embarrassing face-plant. 
I mutter to myself as I dust my hands off from the prickly gravel I just embedded in my palms. The pebbles clink as they drop to the ground. I look down at the assailant who tripped me, and notice the cement sidewalk has a crack that looks like someone hit it with a car and cut a chunk out. 
I shake my head again and turn back toward the house, but that view is hardly better. The front lawn, if you’d even call it that, is nice and green, but there aren’t any flowers or bushes making it homey and welcoming. It’s boring and small, but it’s clean—at least they’re doing something right. The main door is shut, and when I go to grab the handle, I figure it’ll be locked since that’s the safe thing to do.
But the thing creaks open like it’s about to fall from the hinges. So much for security around here. Groaning, I step in and a musty smell overwhelms my senses. My hand involuntarily reaches up and covers my nose, to save my senses from the nasty, old stench. I shut the door behind me, but the only way it fully shuts is after I hip check it into position and push as hard as I can. 
I definitely feel safe here…
“Hello?” I ask, the building silent. The front room, I guess you’d call it a foyer, is completely open and empty. It’s small, and there’s no furniture at all. I walk around the bare area and look for a door or office or really anything. Luckily, I find an elevator with a sign hung up next to it, explaining where everything is. 1B is the office, so I follow the wall around a corner and read off each door number/letter code until I get there.
It’s a short walk to the office since the building is so small. Plus there is really only one way to go, so I make it nice and fast around the hallway. I knock first on the windowless door, but there’s no answer. So I turn the handle and open the door, hoping it’s okay. The room is dimly lit and the fluorescent lights flicker like they’re set on a dimmer that’s half up, half down.
“Hi,” I say when I spot a man’s balding head behind the IKEA-looking desk. His back is turned towards me, and instead of answering, he holds up a finger. I look around, and the office is nothing special. There’s some mailboxes, so I make a mental note of that, but everything else is normal, boring.
Finally, the man turns to face me as I stand awkwardly in front of him, and he points to a phone which rests on the space between his shoulder and ear. I nod, trying to be polite, but he just returns it with a smirk that leaves me feeling grimy.
I stand in front of the high reception desk, twiddling my thumbs, waiting on this dirty man to just give me my dang key so I can start unloading my truck. The guy looks like a seedy used car salesman with his grayish-brown suit that’s too big for his short and stout body. The top of his collared shirt is unbuttoned, revealing gray hair poking through and twirling out towards his face. And I’m pretty sure there’s a stain where his nipple might be.
His hair is brown and greasy, with a thinning top where a few wisps try to cover the obvious bald spot. I cringe when I notice his crumb-filled goatee. His eyes are dark yet glassy like he’s spent a little too much time hitting the bong and with the rest of his appearance, he might have.
“Mary, I know your roof’s leaking, but I told you someone was on it last week.” He’s being incredibly rude to the person on the phone. He brings his inky eyes up to me and rolls them, pointing to the phone. I just nod back, faking enthusiasm, and the minute he looks away, I roll my eyes. “You don’t pay me to fix that. Hire someone,” he snips out and then slams the phone onto the receiver with a huff that makes me jump.
He lets out a long sigh and then finally focuses on me. “What are you here for?” he asks as if I’m the biggest inconvenience to his important day. 
“I’m moving in today. I just want my key,” I tell him, trying to make this as quick and painless as possible for the both of us.
“Oh right…5B. Great…” he mutters, rummaging through his desk. I take the final few steps towards the desk until my fingers touch the brim and notice his disorganized mess. I rest my elbows on top of the counter and glance down at what he’s doing on the lower part. There are papers scattered everywhere—his phone is now missing, like it was sucked into quicksand, and there’s just crap all over the place. “Here,” he says, passing me a manila envelope over the desk.
“Thanks,” I mutter, taking the folder. I start opening it, planning to go through it and make sure that everything is there, when he interrupts me with an exaggerated sigh.
“Is that it?” His voice is gruff, and when I look up, his eyes narrow like he’s undressing me. I bring the envelope to my chest to cover myself from this creepy pervert’s gaze.
“Yeah…thanks.” I roll my eyes as I leave the room. What a jerk. 
Just as I’m shutting the door behind me, his husky voice flutters behind me. “By the way, the elevator is temporally out of service.” He chuckles to himself, taking joy from my misery.
“Of course it is,” I say back, faking a smile. I shut his office door with a slam, and it gives me some satisfaction. I rummage through my folder as I make my way back to the front room. I find some stairs so I walk up, wanting to peek in at my new apartment before unloading. 5B is on the fifth floor, so I dread having to haul all of my things upstairs.
But I have to be optimistic. This is what I want—this is what I saved my ice cream career lifetime savings for. I can live alone. Despite what my mother and father think, I can do this whole independent thing. Even if this apartment building is a dump, it will be my dump, and that’s all that matters.
I unlock the door after trekking up the stairs and hold my breath, filled with nerves. This feels like I’m opening the door to a new chapter of my life. I can be anything I want to be and do anything I want to. I push open the door, expecting the worse, but it’s surprisingly decent. It’s definitely dated, though. 
There’s a small entry way where I first walk in, and then the rest of the place is open. The kitchen has checkered red and white walls and wooden floors that are warped from excessive water damage. The living room is similar, but painted plain white. It’s very dull, but I can fix that easily.
I run past the living room, where there’s a bedroom and am a tad disappointed by the size of it. The ad promised a large room, and it definitely didn’t deliver. But the bed fits nicely, and it’s livable. I’m staying here alone, after all. 
The same goes for the bathroom, which at least has an average sized shower/bath tub combo. The bathroom is also tiled red and white, matching the kitchen walls.
It’s not bad. Could be a lot worse. I have enough money saved up, from working the past few summers, to pay for two semesters, so I’m set. Thinking positive thoughts. This is my adult life, and while this apartment isn’t what I expected, it will be a perfect starter.
I drop the packet of my belongings from Mr. Dick downstairs on the kitchen counter and put the key in my front jean pocket. I start school in just one day so I don’t really have time to sit back and relax. I need to get myself moved in as fast as possible, and then figure out where the hell my classes are so I’m ready for tomorrow.
My life is finally starting, and I’ve never felt more ready.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Adults SHOULD read whatever they want

I've read an article that upset me. Adults Should Read Adult Books. I decided that today I'm going rant about how wrong this article is (in my opinion, of course) since I'm pretty heated up. Here's the bullet points from that article and another in why they think adults shouldn't read YA and why they should stick to adult books.
  • The only thing more embarrassing than catching a guy on the plane looking at pornography on his computer is seeing a guy on the plane reading “The Hunger Games.” Or a Twilight book. Or Harry Potter. (Article One)
  • The only time I’m O.K. with an adult holding a children’s book is if he’s moving his mouth as he reads. (Article One)
  • Because it’s embarrassing. (Article One)
  • You can’t take an adult seriously when he’s debating you over why Twilight vampires are O.K. with sunlight. (Article One)
  • Not because it is bad—it isn’t—but because it was written for teenagers. (Article Two)
  • Even the myriad defenders of YA fiction admit that the enjoyment of reading this stuff has to do with escapism, instant gratification, and nostalgia. (Article Two)
  • At its heart, YA aims to be pleasurable. (Article Two)
  • Most importantly, these books consistently indulge in the kind of endings that teenagers want to see, but which adult readers ought to reject as far too simple. (Article Two)
  • But the YA and “new adult” boom may mean fewer teens aspire to grown-up reading, because the grown-ups they know are reading their books. (Article Two)
Are you still with me? Did you skip over all those worthless examples of why adults shouldn't read YA? Good. Now here's my point of view...