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Friday, June 20, 2014

A Reliant Love | Before the Pages Interviews 3

Have you picked up your copy of A Reliant Love yet? If not, hurry up and go, go, go! It's finally on sale. And please, don't forget to leave a rating or review. It really helps us independent authors out! Check out the goodreads page too. I promise, I'll love ya forever.

Here's the interviews with Frank and Karina. 

Frank's up first.

Interviewer: Hello there. Please tell us your name, age and something fun about yourself.
Frank: My name's Frank, I'm twenty-two and I'm from here. I just switched to a part-time student since last semester was so tough. But it's no problem. Now I just got more time to party.
I: So you're a big partier?
F: When you live with Sam Torrington, you gotta be. Although Sam and I go way back so it's not like I'm using him. Cuz I'm totally not. Sam's all mopey lately anyway. Wait, do you know Sam?
I: No, I don't know him. Anyway, what do you do in your free time?
F: I smoke a lot. We have get-togethers almost every night once school starts back up. It's crazy. Right now is like the calm before the storm. It's just been the three of us lately, which is cool and all.
I: The three of you?
F: Well it's me, and Karina, my girlfriend and then Sam. But he's been working lately since I haven't been able to pay rent. Luckily Karina's workin too.
I: How is high school different than college?
F: High school was great and all, but everyone's always watching you. College you're completely free. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want to. It's pretty awesome. Only thing I miss is my parents money. Weed and beer can get pricey.
I: What's your plan for after college?
F: Who knows. Hopefully I can finish up in a year or two. I'm not in a rush. I like living the slow life. I'm just chillin and wherever life takes me I'll go.
I: Anything else you'd like to say?
F: Is this going to be published?
I: I'm not sure. It might.
F: Legalize marijuana! Nobody dies from it. It only makes you happy. Let us live in pace! Freedom for all!

Here's Karina!

Interviewer: Welcome and thanks for meeting with us today. What's your name, age and a little something about you.
Karina: Karina, I'm twenty. I used to be a ballet dancer. I know, I know. I don't look it but my mom forced me into classes until I was sixteen. I was actually pretty good, too.
I: Why did you stop?
K: I had a falling out with my parents. I move across the country when I was sixteen and lived with some extended family. I haven't seen them since. I left ballet with my old life.
I: Wow, that was a very young age. How did you do it?
K: It was stay and die or leave and get a chance at a real life. I chose living.
I: That must have been a hard decision. 
K: When your dad beats the shit out of you, the choice is easy. Leaving my mom was tough, but every once and a while I'll call. The story's the same. 
I: You're quite open about your past. It's admirable. So did you finish highschool? What made you chose UMA?
K: I got my GED when I was living with my second cousin. All I had to do was pass a simple test. I saved up money and got my own car and then I drove until I felt like stopping. UMA was right off the highway and I had a weird epifany and decided I wanted to go to college. The dean was there so we chatted and he said he'd give me a try for a semester and if my grades were above a 3.0 I'd be accepted. I've been here for three years now. Only one more left to go. 
I: What a great story! So are you staying on campus?
K: I actually live with my friend, Sam and boyfriend. It's not an ideal living situation but it's a place to stay and Sam barely charges me. It's truly become my home. 
I: What are your plans after college?
K: I just want a stable job and a place to stay. I want to create a life for myself. Hopefully Frank will be a part of it. I love him and we've been together for two years. He has some growing up to do, but I'll wait for him forever.
I: Well, I wish you the very best.
K: Thanks so much!

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