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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 39

Welcome to Hump Day everyone! How are we all doing? I got sick this weekend, I think from doing waaayyy too much and I'm still dying. Okay, I may be whining. I had my bridal shower and it was so amazing. But I need to get back in the writing groove so hopefully this prompt will spark my creative edge.

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Prompt Thirty-Nine- Enemy
I feel like doing something fun today. This is a situation based prompt. Write about a dinner you are forced to have with your enemy.

My response...

I don't know what frame of mind I was in when I agreed to this meeting, but I must've been smoking something. Who has a sit-down dinner with their biggest nightmare. Only me. I shake my head from side to side as I make our meals.

I've considered poisoning her food, but I don't feel like going to jail. So, instead, I decide to make a meal so disgusting and poor tasting that she'll be tasting it for days. I shove the casserole dish of meatloaf into the over and set the timer. 

The good thing is we used to be best friend, so I know everything she hates. Now, you may think I'm being a bit too extreme, but this is nothing. She hooked up with my fiance, weaseled her way in and stole my life. My entire depression stage as I call it was solely because of her.

I turn on the pine scented air freshener and pump it through the house. Cass had a bad experience with pine trees around Christmas as a child and she hates the smell since it reminds her of that. But I love it and it's the perfect time to rub it all up in her nose. After that I find a CD mix I made last night, with all of the songs Cass hates with a passion and turn it on. I figure it'll give the place a nice ambiance and loving feel.

Just as I'm putting the brussel sprouts and burnt toast on the table, the doorbell rings. I'm wearing a sweater that was given to me by Carter, my ex-fiance turned her fiance. And it's of course, her favorite color, black. 

"Welcome!" I yell as I open the door wide. The one good thing from my depression stage is this apartment. My parents felt bad for me and I dove into my work so I could afford it. I love living here and it's pretty awesome. Cass's eyes widen as she looks me up and down.

"It's nice to see you," she says, shrugging of her coat. I offer to take it and put it in the hall closet. I added some moth balls to make the scent real nice and clean. 

"Dinner is ready if you want to have a seat," I tell her, smiling ear to ear.

"The place looks great," she says as she sits down. I can tell by her soft movements, she's unsure of herself. Little does she know she just walked in on the dinner party from hell. I grab two ice cold beers and place them in front of my plate and hers. She hates beer. She looks at it and then fakes a smile.

The oven beeps, signaling the end of the meatloaf's cooking so I grab that out and place it on the dining room table. I start to pile my plate with all of the delicious food. But before I cut into the meatloaf, I drown it in ketchup--Cass's favorite.

"So, I wanted to talk to you since things have died down," she starts to say.

"Oh, how great!" I feign enthusiasm. 

"Carter and I have decided on our wedding date. We'd like you to be there. You're our best friend." Is this girl serious?

"Yeah, that's not going to happen," I mutter.

"We know that we hurt you, but we love you."

"Why are you talking in 'we'. What? Carter can't talk for himself?" I say to her, banging my hand on the pottery barn table. "Let me make this very clear for you since your tiny brain can't comprehend it. I don't give a shit what you or Carter do. You aren't my best friend and neither is he. I want you out of my life and if this dinner isn't a perfect example of that, you're denser than I thought."

"But Mer we love you!" she says, tears brimming behind her eyes.

"Get the hell out of my house. Now." I stand and point to the door. It may have been fun and games but this dinner went down the tubes fast and now I just want her gone. Her face only reminds me of when I caught her backstabbing me and stealing my soon-to-be husband. I'm done joking. I'm done pretending.

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Write your response in the comments section below or what you think of this prompt. 

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