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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 30!

Hey all you people! How is this week going? I hope we're all being productive. I'm so excited to prompt today because I need a break from my writing. I'm doing a male's POV and let me tell you, it's draining. I hate thinking like a man. So I'm thankful for a creative break!

Prompt Thirty- Mystery Novel

This is from Writer's Digest. You're a world renowned mystery writer living a life of seclusion. A random email informs you of the next bestseller. Unfortunately, when you read the idea, it hits a little too close to home. Write a scene where you confront the mystery informant, who seems to know way too much about your life.

My response...

The words still swirl around in my head. Reclusive author. Shut-in with brilliant ideas. Mystery writer writing mystery novels. Who really is J. Hawk? Living in woods, alone with her dog. I look beside me to my lab sitting on my feet, curled up into a tight black ball. Something is off in this email. Just as I'm thinking it, my laptop bings, telling me someone is online. It's the person who sent me the email. 

Normally, I would never do this. I'd take the high road, claim not to give a crap, and stew about the email for days to myself while I write. But what this person wrote is too familiar. It's like they know me, which isn't possible because outside of my family, I'm alone. I never let anyone get close.

J.Hawk: I got your email.

K.Toxic: I knew it would interest you.

J.Hawk: Is this supposed to be some sick joke?

K.Toxic: Call it a biography if you'd like...

J.Hawk: How do you know me?

K.Toxic: I just do. Can we leave it at that?

J.Hawk: You're a stalker. 

I stand from my desk and pace around the room. The bubble next to K.Toxic moves showing that he's typing and it's driving me mad. I walk to the front door, my lab on my heels and peer out from beyond the curtain. It's evening, the sun just settling down. I can't see anything out of place or strange. All normal on this end.

K.Toxic: I'd love to talk about my ideas. I'll be in town at the cafe around noon tomorrow. If you don't show, I may just have to write the book myself. I'm sure it'd be a lot better coming from a beautiful woman like yourself. See you...

K.Toxic has signed offline. 

What the hell? How does he know I'm a woman? This has gone from strange admirer, which I'd talked to plenty of, to downright creepy. This person has stalked, watched and creeped on me since he knows intimate details of me. How can I get past this? I don't sleep a wink the entire night. I toss and turn and my writer's mind refuses to stop coming up with scenarios that could go wrong the next day. 

I get to the cafe around eleven the next morning. Toxic said to be there at twelve but I want to scope out the area. I had to do research for a crime novel a few years back. I remember reading how murderers and sickos would check out meeting spots to make sure it was okay and memorize their escape routes. I figured I might as well do the same.

I take a table in the back. The owner, Martin, knows me from my frequent visits. The town I live in is small so getting my coffee here is normal for me. I try to act as such despite my raging nerves shooting around my body. I hate the anxiety I'm feeling. This is exactly why I don't go out.

"Hello Jessie." I whip my head around towards the raspy voice. Nobody really knows my name around here. I use cash only, no credit cards or checks. The mere sound of my name drives me nuts. A man stands before me. He's tall, dark haired and light eyed. Romance novel material.

"You must be Toxic," I feign niceness.

"That I am," he says, looking at the seat beside me. I nod for him to sit down. There's people around us so I don't feel threatened, despite the fact that this stalker is finally meeting me. Goosebumps march down my arms at the thought. "You're much more beautiful up close."

"Thank you," I say as I actually blush. I'm not social, I'm painfully awkward conversing so while I pretend to be nice, I suck at it. "How do you know me?" I ask him, my curiosity getting the best of me.

"Getting right to the point. I like it." He looks over his shoulder towards the cashiers table and waves at Martin. "Hey, Martin. Make me a coffee, will ya?" Martin nods, laughing as he steps towards the machines. 

"You've seen me here," I deduct, noticing the familiar relationship between the two guys.

"I have." He doesn't lie.

"Can you just tell me what you want?" I beg him, resting my elbows on the table.

"I want the world to know you. It's about time you came out of your shell. Someone has to push you and I guess that someone is me." His gold eyes probe me.

"What does it matter? Why do you care?" I ask back, not understanding his motives.

"Listen, I have a lot invested in you. If you were in the public eye, if people saw that those books come from you, sales would skyrocket."

"My agent sent you, didn't she?" I made Margaret sign a nondisclosure document made up by my brother. She shouldn't be able to tell people my real name, let alone where I live. Why would she betray me? This man may be gorgeous but I could easily sue her. Was a quickie really worth blowing my cover?

"Not quite. I own the agency, actually." His words make my breath falter.

"Are you serious? You're Kellen of the Kellen Agency in Seattle?" 

"Indeed." His lips turn up in a wicked smirk as if he enjoys my fangirling and freaking out. This man is practically my boss. He's the main reason I was signed onto their agency five years ago. Despite the fact that I've never met him or even directly spoke with him, he's the reason for my success.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I have to go," I say in leaving. I stand from the table and grab all of my things. I leave my coffee because I don't have time to get it. "I'm so sorry. I can't do this." I run.

"Wait, Jessie!" he says but I don't turn back. I race home and am thankful as I sit in my car in my driveway that he didn't follow me. This completely just flipped around. Of course Kellen of Kellen Agency knows my story. He knows everything about me. He's not a damn stalker.

I get on my laptop to email my agent so I can question her when he IMs me.

K.Toxic: Please, Jessie. I hope that wasn't weird. I just know if we got your face to your books you'd sell more.

J.Hawk: I'm selling fine! Why now?

K.Toxic: Listen, I didn't want to tell you this, but if we don't start picking up sales I'm going to have to sell the agency. I have many other businesses so I'll be fine. I was looking out for you because I love your work. This is the only way to make it.

J.Hawk: Shit...

K.Toxic: Yeah...Shit...

J.Hawk: I'm sorry I left.

K.Toxic: I'm sorry I freaked you out with my pretend stalking. I didn't know how else to get to you.

K.Toxic: Meet me again. Please, Jessie.

J.Hawk: Fine... Come to my home.

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