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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 13

Lucky number 13 here today! I have to say I'm really excited to do a prompt today. I need the break badly. If you've been following my blog, you know I quit nano. I just can't take it on right now between editing and cover designing and all my other crap, it was overwhelming. So I quit.

And thank goodness because I feel relieved. Anyways, I'm taking a break from editing to have some fun today! At least for however long this prompt takes me...

Which is only three minutes because today we're doing a timed free write. If you don't know what this is, it's just you have three minutes to write whatever comes to your brain (no editing, thinking or going back). Just WRITE!

Prompt Thirteen: 3 Minute Freewrite

Your metaphor to write about it...(drumroll)..."a galaxy of longing" Let me just remind you that you don't have to use the metaphor in your passage. You just have to kind of base it off the metaphor. Honestly, just do whatever you feel!

My response...

The quad is my place of worship. I can sit by myself, read my book, study or just people watch. I'm done with my homework today but don't feel like heading back to my awful dorm room. Katie, my roommate is a whore and her bed is constantly full with different tenants. So I lean back and let my hair fall over my shoulder.

It's a cool fall day and the leaves are starting to change. I'm on top of a hill so I can look down at all the little college students scurry from class to class. Although most just hang out walking lazily as they try to get through the hangover from last night.

I'm about to pack up and walk to my room when I see him. Well, not so much see but I feel him. His presence alone drives me berserk. He's the tallest in his pack of men but that's not all. He's confident, he's cocky and it makes him seem that much larger.

I pretty much love Devin McGreer but he doesn't know it. Actually, I doubt if he knows my name. We went through elementary, middle and high school and eventually I followed him to the state school- not just for him but I can't say it didn't excite me when he came here, too.

His dark brown hair is cut short, almost military style except for a thick strip on top. With the setting sun, his aqua eyes sparkle. I think I'm drooling but I don't nobody can tell from up here. Forever a loner. He continues to talk with his hockey brothers and then he fades out of my vision, behind a building.

(Well, I didn't like that one bit! It went by way too fast and I feel like I couldn't even get my full story in. For the next timed mission I'll have to bump it to five minutes. :( And I was just starting to get into it.)

Write your response in the comments section below. 

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