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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Curse of Betrayal | Teaser Three

Welcome to Teaser Friday! I've got a nice short and sweet one for you guys. But really quick, I want to shout out Jamie who won my halloween giveaway! She earned herself a paperback copy of TTYC and $10 gift card to amazon :)

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So here's your teaser for The Curse of Betrayal. This is from chapter three and I promise it doesn't give much awaay other than the fact that she's at DGA which most of you should know anyways. The conversations is between Cristos, one of Ari's oldest godly friends, and Ryder. We should all know Ryder. So here it is...

“Cristos?” I question, trying to peek over at him. I can’t tell if it’s him or his brother but by the fact that he’s not sexually harassing me yet, I’m guessing it’s the quiet one.
“Oh, yeah. Hi.” His eyes swing towards me and he drops his hood so his long, brown hair flows down to his shoulders. His hand comes up and tucks the loose parts behind his ear in a distraction, I’m sure.
"What are you doing hanging around here?” He can’t be a student so he has to have another reason. 
“I help Ari teach sometimes. I was overdue for a vacation.” He chuckles but it’s awkward and feels forced.
“Well, I hope to see you around.” I smile over at him and hope that he knows I’m genuine. I really do want to forge a friendship with him. I feel like he can give me a look into Ari’s head. Plus, despite his quietness he seems nice.
“You’re good for him, you know.” He mutters as he replaces the hood over his head.
“What?” I try to make sure I heard him correctly.

“You and Ari. You’re good together. He’s happy.” He meets my eyes for an extended moment so I know he really means what he’s saying. I can tell he’s trying to pull for his best friend, or whatever they are.

Nothing too crazy but I hope you liked it. I know a lot of people liked Cristos and Dimitri so I wanted them to have roles in this book. They're pretty cool characters. 

PS. Don't forget, November 22nd, I'm releasing the cover of The Curse of Betrayal! If you have a blog or want to shout me out, email me at It's going to be a blast and I can't wait to show you the AMAZING cover. I love, love, love it!


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