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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween | Giveaway

Halloween is for sure one of my favorite holidays. It means nothing but it's just so fun. In my town there's this new tradition called 'booing' Have any of you heard of it? It's actually really cool and a fun way to lead up to the magical night of Halloween. It's for children, ps.

ABC Challenge | Explanations

So I'm sure most of you have seen my posting about some ABC Challenge going on. Well, it's officially over and myself and +Suzan St Maur are going to pick some winners. Check out the original post, HERE! Over the next couple days, I'm going to post my thoughts on each entry and how they did on the challenge. +Suzan St Maur is posting their entries to I'll link back so you can check out the full thing.

NEXT WEDNESDAY, the winner will be announced along with second and third place. Let me just say, it's a tough process because it's not flash fiction like my original one, found here. Where I could easily judge based on fluidity or cohesiveness. Nope, these are all based on people's blogs and they're all quite different.

So keep your eyes and ears open for the next week or so as I post with the heading ABC Challenge for my views on each writers entry. It's going to be a blast! And I want your feedback also. Who do you think did the best? Who's was so funny you almost peed? Your advice may help me pick a winner!

*It's Halloween so I have a special treat for you, give me an hour!*

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Battle of the Boys

Hey all! If you follow my other social networks I'm sure you've seen the poll already. But I have an update and want to urge you all to hop on (if you've read The Thousand Year Curse) and vote!

It's just a fun way for me to get an idea who all of you like. So far I've gotten about twenty answers and we're at 48% want Ari, 52% want Ollie. I'd say that's pretty damn close to being even!

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Curse of Betrayal | Teaser Two

First thing's first.. My friend @suzanstmaur posted a cool article about our prompt this week! Check it out here and see how she did it with her blogging. Also, check out her awesome website. There's so much content you could get lost for days reading up in there. :) How to write better is the name.

Now... onto the teaser. I'm going along with this whole Meet ____ technique and people are really into it. So today I'm going to interview Megan who becomes one of Ryder's friends at DGA. You'll get to know her but let me tell you, she's very quiet and reserved so let's see how the interview goes.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nano | T minus 10 Days

Hey all! I've been getting a lot of questions and meeting a ton of people who want to know about NaNoWriMo. So I'm going to post a little introduction to the fabulous month so we can all be on track. As the days lead up to Nano I'll post some tips I've found work for me, too!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Curse of Betrayal | Teaser One

Oh Em Gee, here it is guys... The Curse Books Number Two is starting up. The cover is done, editing date set so now come the teasers before it's release in a couple months. I'm actually hoping for a January 2013 release should everything go smoothly (which is almost never does).

So I'm not going to give anything away from the first book YET! But be prepared in the future teasers because it's kind of impossible to avoid it. So in this one, we're going to meet Kara. You may remember her from the end of Book One but if not, she's Ryder's new roommate.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Thanks From Me to You

Hey everyone! I just want to say thank you for making yesterday such an awesome day for me. The Thousand Year Curse jumped onto the fantasy top 100 list on amazon last night! I sold over 300 hundred copies in just one day! And I have all of you to thank.

Special thanks to +Travis Luedke who shouted me out on facebook, google+, twitter and who knows where else!

Also to all my communities for forwarding along the messages and making sure everyone knew I was free for the day :)

Thanks to Sarah Byrnes, my best friend, for sharing my post on facebook to all of our friends.

And for the rest of you who've continuously supported my work....

A thank you from me! 
Forever grateful for all of the support from my real friends, my cyber friends and all of you who are somewhere in the mix. You're all awesome :)

Monday, October 14, 2013


Hey guys! Did you forget? I figured you might so I decided to remind you all... The Thousand Year Curse by me (Taylor Lavati) is free today ONLY! In kindle format on amazon! Here's a sweet link for those of you in the US. AMAZON.

Did I mention it has 4.3 stars out of 5? No... well it does!

Do you need more convincing?! Go to my website and check out the testimonials page or just check out the reviews on amazon.

 ore convincing? GO TO goodreads page for other reviews. (Although they're mostly the same ones but still, read them twice!)

From the UK? Here's your link! Ps. leave a review because there's only 4 :) But I love you guys!

Let's see...

Are you convinced to get my book yet? No? What the hell! Well, here's the prologue to drag you in...

We are brought up being told tales of love and triumph. Hell, I should know, I’m in the damn books. 
I was brought up being told that there is always a happily ever after and that I deserved one. 
Well, what if there isn’t? 

What if bad things really do happen to good people? I consider myself a good person. 
Yes, I have a special skill set where at times, 
I’ll admit too taking advantage of them. 
But still, I’m good. 

I never hurt someone until the day she came into my life, those thousands and thousands of years ago. 
Her death was my fault. It’s always my fault. This curse is my fault. 
He doesn’t waste one day rubbing that in my face. 

I can’t help that I love her. 
He can’t help that he loves her, too. 
I wish I could die to end this constant torment. How easy would that be? 
I’ve even asked Hades himself for a swift end. 
But no. 
Of course not. 
That would be too damn easy. 

I don’t deserve this.
Yet here I am, walking back into his trap. I can’t stay away from her. 
Her very essence calls to me no matter how many miles I shove between us. 

The problem? 

Neither can he. 

There. You better be convinced and if you're not, well... you stink! 


Ps. happy columbus day. I hope you're all laying in bed late and reading.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Meet Sam | Picture Contest Winner

Hey all, so the resounding winner of my picture contest was OPTION Two which looks like this...

Special shout out to Karen L who gave me the best answer, "The first one looks all dark but very cool but the second one gives me a bubbly feeling and makes me happy when I look at it. I love the script writing on top but the serious name. Pick two!" 

Karen- you win the paperback copy! :):):):):)

Anyways, now onto the fun stuff. Last week we met Nathalie from A Reliant Love. So today, get ready to meet Sam! 

Samuel Torrington was a jock in high school. He was only 14 when he lost his virginity to his first love, Sarah. She was perfect and they were the IT couple all though high school. But Sarah and Sam got into drugs. They dove head first into the party scene and hung out with all the older kids who were into the hard stuff. Sam got into cocaine and started slipping up on his grades, skipping practice and pushing away friends. 

Something happened and Sam ended up in juvie. So he vows to never do cocaine again, and to get the hell away from his past. Sarah and him break up, Sarah's twin, Pete his best friend refuses to talk to him. He drops off the team and lives in a depressed lull. 

His parents told him he can either go to college or get the hell out of their lives so he choses college. He visits Sarah before he goes and they make up, creating a good friendship. But Pete refuses to talk to him and that gets worse when the two go to the same college.

The book begins in Sam's last year at UMA. He's a senior and his plan has been working flawlessly. After he graduates he plans to move far far away and start a new life without drugs, girls or the past creeping up on him. But then he meets Nathalie, a sweet innocent freshman and feels a need to know her.

Sam has dark brown hair and deep green eyes. He's 23 years old and his birthday is August 25th. He's six feet tall and muscular but since quitting football he's lost some weight. He prefers hanging out in small groups lately. He dreams of running away and never coming back. 

What do you think of Samuel? 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Picture Contest | Free Paperback

Hey guys! I recently had a friend who got in big trouble for using images in her blog that were from google. So I'm sure some of you noticed that I've updated all of my posts with stock photos I've bought or public domain pictures.

So while it's been a pain in the butt to change virtually everything on my site, it's been fun. I've made my own special picture to symbolize my writing wednesday post. I want some feedback about it so I put together a little contest.

Whoever gives me the most helpful comment about the pictures and why they like the one they picked will win a copy of The Thousand Year Curse. I like both so much that I can't pick so I really want some advice from all of you guys.

I already know you know what you're talking about since you helped me so much with the cover for my book. So get to writing and help a blogger out!



To win a free paperback copy of The Thousand Year Curse all you have to do is post which you like and why in the comments section. Remember, it's completely up to me who will win. So writing 'option one' probably isn't going to get you a copy!

P.S. I'll be picking the winner... TOMORROW! So hurry up :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Meet Nathalie | Youtube Video | Free Day Announcement

One of my favorite weekends of the year is Columbus Day. Okay, I know what you're thinking. That it's totally random and kind of weird. I would have to agree BUT every Columbus Day I go on vacation with my family to my favorite place on earth- Vermont.

So in honor of my weird obsession with a seemingly meaningless holiday, Monday October 14th my book, The Thousand Year Curse will be FREE on amazon in the ebook format. Yes, you heard me right. FREE! Mark your calenders, phone's or whatever. This is one of the last times the book will be free so don't forget!

Of course I'll continue to keep you posted as it gets closer!

Now onto the teaser of the day...

Meet Nathalie from A Reliant Love

Nathalie is from a small town in Connecticut. Throughout high school she was an honor student, had an awesome social life and was a happy teen. Deep down though, she always wanted to have her own life where her parents didn't dictate her moves and she could have real experiences, unlike the forced ones inside her life's bubble.

She gets accepted to UMA, a college only about two hours from her hometown and leaves to experience it her own way. Instead of living in dorms, she uses her savings to get an apartment so she can really feel what it's like to be on her own. She creates a mental checklist of things she wants to do her freshman year. She feels every adult needs to do them before they are a true independent person.

She's in school to become a vet. Her dream is to open up an animal shelter. Her career choice follows her into everyday life. She always feels a need to fix situations and even people. She thinks it's the right thing to help but it often gets her in trouble. When she meets Sam, that's exactly what she wants to do- fix him.

She's not as innocent as she sounds. She was high school sweethearts with Drew. She gave him a precious gift, her virginity, and then he left her. But it didn't deter her view on love, she still wants to find her prince charming it's just now she wants to have fun and doesn't want a serious relationship right away. She likes to party but is only accustomed to small country club gatherings or drinking with her friends in the basement. Although she is very social she enjoys staying home and watching movies.

Nathalie has dirty blonde hair that falls dangerously low on her back. She has these really deep hazel eyes that are mesmerizing. She's about 5'5'' and has an athletic body. She has a major sweet tooth and loves caramel draped on everything. She looks like the girl next door but she's so much more than that. She craves creating her own life and will do anything to become a self sufficient adult while crossing off everything on her list.

Also, I made a fun video about the characters of The Thousand Year Curse. It's who I would want to play the characters if my book was turned into a movie. It's quick and I used a song from the playlist in the background.

For each character, there's also quotes from the book about what they look like so if you haven't read it, you can get an idea why I picked the actors I did. Have fun and enjoy!! Happy Friday :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Goodreads Giveaway Winner

Congrats Leila Osman from LONDON on winning my goodreads giveaway! Over 900 people entered this time, but sadly I can only have one winner.

Now, I'm asking YOU! What do you want in the next giveaway? I can do some swag or bookmarks or a signed book. It's up to you and then I'll put it all together. Write what you want in the comments and you may see what you want in the next one. Good Luck!

Also I'm going to have some CRAZY, AWESOME, AMAZING news for you guys tomorrow. It's like reaaaaaallllllyyyy good! Promise!