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Friday, October 11, 2013

Meet Sam | Picture Contest Winner

Hey all, so the resounding winner of my picture contest was OPTION Two which looks like this...

Special shout out to Karen L who gave me the best answer, "The first one looks all dark but very cool but the second one gives me a bubbly feeling and makes me happy when I look at it. I love the script writing on top but the serious name. Pick two!" 

Karen- you win the paperback copy! :):):):):)

Anyways, now onto the fun stuff. Last week we met Nathalie from A Reliant Love. So today, get ready to meet Sam! 

Samuel Torrington was a jock in high school. He was only 14 when he lost his virginity to his first love, Sarah. She was perfect and they were the IT couple all though high school. But Sarah and Sam got into drugs. They dove head first into the party scene and hung out with all the older kids who were into the hard stuff. Sam got into cocaine and started slipping up on his grades, skipping practice and pushing away friends. 

Something happened and Sam ended up in juvie. So he vows to never do cocaine again, and to get the hell away from his past. Sarah and him break up, Sarah's twin, Pete his best friend refuses to talk to him. He drops off the team and lives in a depressed lull. 

His parents told him he can either go to college or get the hell out of their lives so he choses college. He visits Sarah before he goes and they make up, creating a good friendship. But Pete refuses to talk to him and that gets worse when the two go to the same college.

The book begins in Sam's last year at UMA. He's a senior and his plan has been working flawlessly. After he graduates he plans to move far far away and start a new life without drugs, girls or the past creeping up on him. But then he meets Nathalie, a sweet innocent freshman and feels a need to know her.

Sam has dark brown hair and deep green eyes. He's 23 years old and his birthday is August 25th. He's six feet tall and muscular but since quitting football he's lost some weight. He prefers hanging out in small groups lately. He dreams of running away and never coming back. 

What do you think of Samuel? 

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