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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Picture Contest | Free Paperback

Hey guys! I recently had a friend who got in big trouble for using images in her blog that were from google. So I'm sure some of you noticed that I've updated all of my posts with stock photos I've bought or public domain pictures.

So while it's been a pain in the butt to change virtually everything on my site, it's been fun. I've made my own special picture to symbolize my writing wednesday post. I want some feedback about it so I put together a little contest.

Whoever gives me the most helpful comment about the pictures and why they like the one they picked will win a copy of The Thousand Year Curse. I like both so much that I can't pick so I really want some advice from all of you guys.

I already know you know what you're talking about since you helped me so much with the cover for my book. So get to writing and help a blogger out!



To win a free paperback copy of The Thousand Year Curse all you have to do is post which you like and why in the comments section. Remember, it's completely up to me who will win. So writing 'option one' probably isn't going to get you a copy!

P.S. I'll be picking the winner... TOMORROW! So hurry up :)


  1. Argh! Can't choose! They're both beautiful!

  2. I like the second one because the colors look really good together, and I love notebooks!


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