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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Writing Wednesday | Tips for Nanowrimo

Hey guys, in honor of Nanowrimo starting in about a few days, I decided to post my own tips and tricks for the magical month. If you don't know what Nano is, check my post from last week (here) because I wrote a lot about what it is, why to do it and how it helps.

Tip One: Pace yourself.
  •  I'm not going to lie to you. It's scary going into November. 50,000 words is a lot and it's overwhelming. But getting crazy and making sure you hit the magic number every day only destroys the creativity in your writing.
  • Example: you're on a roll one day and bang out 6,000 words. Well, if you don't feel like writing one day, then don't. In the end, you want to have good writing. It's not ALL about the word count. You'll get there if you remain dedicated. A day off is perfectly okay!
Tip Two: Stay dedicated and make time.
  • I see more people who are on google+ late at night complaining about not writing. Well, that just tells me that you aren't focused and dedicated. For me to get into a writing zone, I need at least ONE hour of free time only for writing. OTherwise, you'll be writing in bits and pieces and it will show in your writing.
  • I suggest at least one, hopefully more, hour a day for just nanowrimo writing. That way you know that you're at least going to write something.
Tip Three: Write, write, write.
  • It happens to all of us but I especially see people who are burnt out or have writer's block during nano. The reason is because you're thinking too much! Instead of planning out every move of your character, have a basic outline and let it flow. 
  • More often than not, your writing will stay within your outline. But if you just let the thoughts flow and write, not only will you write more but you'll also develop your story deeper.
Tip Four: Find the RIGHT time.
  • I'm getting a little more specific here. And let me explain why. Writing while your kids are hanging on your legs, or in the car waiting for your children, or while you're walking the dog is probably not the way to go.
  • Instead, allot that time for just your writing when there are no distractions. I normally write a lot while I'm in class or sometimes at work or while watching tv. But during nano, I don't. Because you write less when there's multiple things going on at once.
  • So pick a time when you're completely free. When the kids are gone, off to school or on a playdate. When your husband is at work or watching tv. And when the dog is nestled tightly against you on the floor.
Tip Five: Join forums, communities and blog about it.
  • I can't underline this enough! If you make friends who are doing nano, and talk to people who are writing, you will feel more dedicated and part of the group. Week three of nano you're going to feel pretty crappy and burnt out but the forums and friends will help!
  • The forums are great because you can talk to people who ARE IN THE SAME SITUATION. How awesome is that? They know what you're going through and may be able to help you! They can give you the pep talk you need to make it through.
  • Blog about it! Your advice, your word counts, your experience may be able to influence someone else. People will see you doing it and be interested. The more people we get writing, the better! So tell us how awful it is. Tell us how tired you are. Because it's the truth! And we care :)
I know I probably made that sound pretty awful but I promise you, your writing will improve to such an extreme degree in just one month! You'll get 50,000 words of a manuscript that could be a best seller. It's a lot of work but I promise you, it's freaking awesome.

Friend me, taylorlavati, and we can wallow together about our misery or sunken story. But then we can rejoice when the other makes the 50,000 mark or has a break through in their story. The people are amazing and so supportive. 

If you write, DO IT! I can't stress that enough. Try it out and if it doesn't work, oh well. I know tons of people who trail off and don't win nano but guess what, they still tried and worked on it. I know people who come back year after year just to join the community and have fun. 

I promise, it's a great experience for every reader.


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