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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 8

Alright, guys! I haven't done a fun prompt in a few weeks so let's get back into the swing of things. I have to admit, I've been drowning in a deep sea of edits so I'm excited to write a little prompt today. I found this one at Writers Digest. Here we go...

Prompt 8
At an old bookstore, you search and find a book that will help you interpret your dreams. But something is strange about it. You fall asleep while reading it and find yourself in a dream that you cannot wake up from. What is it? How can you snap back from reality?

In under 500 words, what is your response?

Here is mine...

I step through the doors of a bookstore just outside of town. The bell dangling from the door chimes, signaling my arrival. Immediately, a short man comes to assist me, asking me if I would need any help. I hike the neck of my sweater up and shake my head side to side.

“Well, if ya need anythin’, ya know where ta find me.” He says, his weird accent sending chills up my spine. I walk back towards the self help and non fiction section having one book in particular in mind. I came to the bookstore prepared and having only one mission—get DreamCatcher and figure out why I’m having these weird dreams.

I search high and low but the book is missing. I know that it has to be here. Giving up hope of finding it myself, I go back to the man sitting behind the desk and ask him, “I’m looking for a book and I can’t find it…” I say and the man just nods at me, “it’s called DreamCatcher.” I tell him.

“Oh, yer inta dreams, are ya?” He asks me, standing up and starting to move behind the desk. “My last copy was sold today but he neva showed so I guess ya can take it.” He shrugs his shoulders and hands the five pound book over to me.

I study the cover and flip through the pages, pulling in the musty smell and trying to memorize the way it looks now. I’ve searched through five counties for this book that’s supposed to tell me what to do. I pay the clerk for the book and all but sprint to my car.

I try to convince myself to wait until I get home to read the book but I’m way too eager. The answer to all of my problems is sitting right on my lap. I flip open to the first page, and a cloud of smoke spouting out from the pages and blows right into my face.

I cough and drop the book to the floor of the car. I try to use my hands to get the dust off my face but it’s like I’m in a constant cloud. Finally, it clears and my car is back to it’s airy state but I feel faint. I lean back and shut my eyes, trying to gain composure but it doesn’t work. I shut my eyes and don’t wake up.

When I open my eyes, I immediately panic because I’m in an eight by five sized box and barely fit. I bang on the walls as I try to escape but it’s no use, they’re hard as a rock and I know my weak muscles won’t let me break through.

I look around but the room is literally empty. There isn't any type of furniture or even a piece of lint. The floor, walls and the ceiling are stark white with not even so much as a scratch of dirt on them. I try to find a window or a door but there isn't one of those either.

I lean against the wall and drop my butt to the floor so I'm sitting with my knees bent up and my head cradled in my hands. I’m right on the verge of crying when a door opens from the wall and the clerk from the bookstore appears in front of my eyes. He shuts the door behind him and the hole disappears completely.

“What am I doing here?” I ask him, almost in hysterics.

“I gave ya the special book, here.” He says, holding up DreamCatcher. “Ya want ta fix yer dreams, well now ya can. Once ya leave tha room, you’ll be on yer way to peace.”

“What do you mean, peace? I just wanted to get rid of my nightmares.” I stand up and face the clerk.

“And ya will. Yer gonna have to confront them head on but when ya come out, you’ll be free.” He says and then leaves DreamCatcher on the floor right in front of me. He doesn’t even wait for a door. Instead, he walks through the wall and leaves me alone with the book.

I run to where he walked through the door and touch and feel for a soft spot or an opening. But it’s useless I’m stuck in here and I have no way out. I sit on the ground, criss cross style and reach for the big blue book. I flip open to the first page and start reading aloud.

“Once upon a time, there was a dream. Everyone has them but this girl was different. Her dreams seemed way too real to just be a vision or a creative thought. She dreamt of an alternate life where she was a champion. And this is how it began…”

Suddenly, a window forms  in the wall, letting Macie see a world she knows all too well. The buildings and land appear in front of her eyes as the words flutter out of her lips.

Okay, okay, you guys caught me. I may have gone a little overboard with this one. It's about 900 words but still, I actually really liked the idea so I just went with it. I WANT TO READ YOURS! Comment, or PM me, or email me- anyway to get you to do it, just do!

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