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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 3

Hey guys. Welcome to Weekly Writing Wednesday. Today is jam packed for me. (I'm writing this while at work; bad girl!) Anyway, I've been getting such great responses and hope you all do this one as well. Here we go!


Write a short/mini story (only 100-250 words max). Start the story with, "They had nothing to say to each other." 

Ready, Set, Go!

Here's what I wrote...

They had nothing to say to each other. The silence in the room was palpable and making the hair on her arms stand on end. She looked into the eyes of a man that she once loved and felt absolutely nothing for him. Not only had he broken her trust but her heart now lay broken on the floor. She stood up from the kitchen table needing to put space between them.

She hoped that maybe after thinking about the situation, she would feel differently. Deep down, she knew this was not the case. Her husband stood up, rocking his chair back and lunged for her.

“I’m so sorry.” The now stranger said to her, his voice devoid of any and all emotion

“Me too.” She whispered, leaving her house in hopes of getting clarity.

Only about 150 words but hey, I'm at work. What's your excuse? Try it out now and let me know what you wrote. I love seeing all of your work! 

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