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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How To Improve Writing Style

What even is writing style? A writer's style is how they address the audience. It's the language, attitude and voice an author has. A writer can't have the same style for all of their work mostly because they need to tailor the style to the situations. Therefore, writers need to switch it up.

To simplify- use simple, straightforward language Complicated words makes things, well- complicated. By using simple words you create broader understanding and interpretation. The reader can understand and relate the words to their own life.

Avoid Redundancies- cut it This is what I'm going through right now. Don't repeat ideas or thoughts or dialogue. I saw a great example in readers digest; "Beginner who lacks experience." This is a redundant phrase since a beginner implies that he would lack experience so you're just repeating what you already said.

Avoid self reference There's no need to say 'I feel' 'I think' 'In my opinion'. These, most of the time, are unnecessary and just add words to the story. Cut them out and you have a better sentence that reads smoother.

Shorten your sentences I'm not saying chop all of your sentences because that would just create a bumpy flow but sentences don't always have to be twenty words long. Shorten some into two. It makes the flow faster and you're still getting your point across.

Use verbs not nouns Okay, obviously not all of the time but when you can, use a verb. Make a noun into a verb. Nouns tend to make for longer sentences and weakness. By making them into verbs you're creating a strong action.

Use transitions These are great to link ideas together and create a more smooth paragraph, chapter, book. Be careful not to use them too much because then you're just repeating words over and over and it gets annoying.

EDIT YOUR WORK All of these tips are great but the likelihood of you doing all of them on the first try are nearly impossible. The only way to make sure you aren't repeating but you are using verbs and you're not self referencing but you are shortening your sentences is to go back after writing and edit it. I'm telling you, if you forget everything else please edit. Read it aloud so you know what sounds weird and what's correct. JUST DO IT!

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