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Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 22

Camp NaNoWriMo
Day 22 7/22

Last week didn't end as I had planned it. I wrote a ton last Tuesday but then sizzled out throughout the week. I'm only up to about 31,000 words. It was a major let down. I've noticed a pattern with myself though. I tend to write in big increments. I don't like writing towards the end of the week. Once I start, I hate being interrupted.

So what do these patterns mean?

Writing a lot in one sitting. This is both a good and a bad trait. One reason it's been bad for me is that if I don't have a couple hours, I won't bother trying to write a little. I know that once I get on a tangent or in my groove, little can stop me. My mind travels with it's thoughts and when I stop to take a break it breaks up the writing. It's good because my thoughts are together. Therefore my writing is cohesive and follows a line.

Beginning of the week writer. I haven't really found any evidence to why this happens to me but I can kind of figure it out in my head. I think in the beginning of the week I have so many good ideas and it's a new week so I want to start it off strong. As the week goes on, I get tired and bored and think I've done enough for the week. It's a lazy mans thought process but hey, it's me.

Interruptions. I'm super weird about interruptions. I don't mind some things but then other things really tick me off. For example, when I'm writing I don't mind having the tv on in the background. So I can write while my boyfriend watches tv. I hate when music is playing in the background. I hate when some people are around. This morning, I was writing in my living room and my grandma was in the kitchen making food, using a blender, opening doors etc. It was so annoying that I had to stop writing and wait for her to leave. Somethings really bother me!

What patterns have you noticed when you write?

Here I am in my Camp Tshirt I bought. I love it! Extra Karma babbbbbyyy :)

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