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Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 15

Camp NaNoWriMo
Day 15 7/15

I have some extraordinary news! Last week I had this crazy spurt of knowledge and kicked the camps ass. I am officially on schedule to finishing my 50,000 words and I have momentum on my side.

I am now up to 23,870 words and I haven't even written yet today. I have to admit that it was more the part in my book that I've gotten into than me but still. I'm so proud of myself and happy to be getting far in the writing process. Hopefully I will finish the book in the 17 days left!

However, the members in my group have not been doing so well. There's this one girl who has been very active in the chat room and she's on schedule like me... everyone else has fallen behind. I think the key is the chatting because it makes you write.

I like talking on the chat because people give you inspiration. For example, I chose my cabin mates based on age and genre they're writing in. I did this mostly so we would have more in common and might be in similar boats. I definitely am happy I did this because it worked.

This girl who's been active like myself makes me want to write. For example, I explained that I was stuck on a scene and she talked me through it. We talked about where I want to go and she gave me an outsiders opinion. I ended up writing over 5,000 words that day.

The community aspect is the most important for so many different reasons. I truly believe that without my cabin and the chat box, I wouldn't be as far as I am. It's simple fact. I like someone motivating me to write and helping me along the way.

It's similar to a critique group just before you've even finished your manuscript. Anywayssss, I'm just procrastinating now when I really should be writing. I will check in with you all next week on my progress. New post tomorrow, about my next award I've been nominated for. Be on the lookout around 11:00 am :)

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