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Monday, July 1, 2013

Day One


Hello everyone. I've decided that through my camp journey I'm going to post about my progress and my experience so others can get a feel and understand what I'm going through. I've decided to write The Curse of Betrayal during camp which is the sequel to The Thousand Year Curse.

I set my goal for 75,000 words. Usually people in camp try to get 50,000 words and that's a great goal. The issue I have with it is that I tend to write more than needed and cut through edits. A 50,000 word first draft would be nowhere near what I want for a novel.

Meanwhile... I've also planned to finish my editing of The Thousand Year Curse and hand it off to one possibly two final beta readers. This means the book may be out by the end of the month if everything goes as I have planned.

What I like from camp-

One of my favorite features thus far is the cabins. They're fun because you get to talk with five other people who are in similar situations. There's a chat box in the cabin and you're free to talk about whatever you want. So far I've made a friend (yippee!) and she's given me some motivation to start when she raked in over 2,000 words today.


What I don't like-

I guess I want more. It is the first day so it may get more intense but I want a bunch of people cheering and getting excited to start. I was going crazy and logged on right at 12 and wanted to talk but nobody else was on *tear*.

I heard that fridays are when the company sends out emails and everyone logs on so I'll have to wait and check that out. I hope that as we get more into it more people will talk and bounce off ideas. We'll see...

I'm off to write. Hopefully I get a bunch done! 

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