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Friday, July 19, 2013

Hades Teaser

Hey guys! Sorry I'm posting so late. I didn't have work today so I took it easy and slept in- for like the first time ever! I'm really excited as the days get closer and closer to the book launch. Right now I'm setting up reviews, author interviews and other fun stuff for the release week.

If anyone runs a blog and would like to feature me, please email me! I want as much exposure that week as possible!

This weeks teaser is a good one and I haven't teased about this part of the book yet. This is towards the end of Ryder's journey when the pieces start falling in place. Enjoy!

I walk through the doors to the big room and am disappointed when it’s empty except for a small fire crackling in the fireplace. There is a long table in the middle. The floors are wooden and the walls are dark. There are candles against the walls that are dimmed down creating an eery atmosphere to the room. 
“Who are you?” A voice booms out towards me. I glance around but I can’t see anything in the dimly lit room. I keep moving around the dining room searching for the voice.
“What do you want?” The same deep voice calls out again. The noise right behind my ear. I jump back in fear, searching for the owner of the voice.
“Get out!” The voice screams out making me bend down as it sounds as if it’s directly above me. I start to turn around and run when I collide straight into a body. I push off thinking it must be Ollie or Ari but it is neither. It is him. The man I have been looking for.
“Hades.” I whisper in disbelief. 

Next week I should have the actual cover for you. My designer, Avery changed a lot and we came up with a crazy new concept! I'm obsessed to say the least. Talk to you all next week and have a fabulous weekend. If you're anywhere near where I live stay cool :)

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