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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 4

Hello all! All I have to say is, wow. Wednesday definitely crept up on me fast and I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Summer is almost over and I can't handle it. So to make us all feel better, I have a cool prompt that I found on squidoo. It's lighthearted and fun- definitely what I need to get through hump day.

Finish the thought. Write who Doug is, what he does and what is in the box. Remember, this is a short prompt so keep it under 500 hundred words. (really it should be between 200-300)

"Doug stuck his hand in the box and immediately pulled it out. "Ow." he said. He licked the side of his index finger as if it had honey on it. 

My prompt...

Doug stuck his hand in the box and immediately pulled it out. "Ow," he said. He licked the side of his index finger as if it had honey on it. His face contorted as if he was thinking hard, his forehead starting to wrinkle. After a moment of introspection, he stuck his finger in again.

“Ow,” he muttered. Yet he stuck that sticky finger in his mouth once again shutting his eyes to savor the taste. As he went to stick the same finger inside of the box one more time, his mother entered the room, her footsteps signaling Doug.

“Don’t put your hand in there!” She yelled. “It’s hot.” She explained rushing to her son’s side to get the box away from the edge of the counter. His mother peeked her head into the box and pulled away with a scowl.

“You’ve ruined the pie with your finger holes.” Doug’s mother yelled, chastising him. Doug, not able to comprehend what he’d done wrong, being only a toddler, burst out into a fit of crying. He collapsed onto the floor shielding his face with his hands while he continued to throw a temper tantrum.

“I wan moreee.” Doug squealed, needing just one more finger full of that juicy pie filling. His mother bent down and lifted the small child into her arms, cradling him while he cried. His mother buckled him in the car, hiding the pie in the back so it was out of sight from dear Doug.

Once at the party, Doug had one mission. It wasn't to play with the other small children, or cling to his mother’s leg. No. Doug had to find that pie. He crawled and shuffled his way into the kitchen where he saw the magical box.

He pulled himself onto the table but as he yanked the curtain it pulled everything on the table along with it. Plates shattered on the floor and desserts splattered all around Doug. Luckily, he didn't get hit by any of the falling objects.

He crawled over to the now turned over box and lifted it to reveal his favorite dessert, cherry pie. Sticking a finger into the gooey mess, he scooped up a big dollop, shoved it into his mouth and crawled away before the adults came back.


  1. Doug stuck his hand in the box and immediately pulled it out. "Ow," he said. He licked the side of his index finger as if it had honey on it. His eyes closed as he savored the lovely red that seeped from his cut finger. But the bleeding stopped, and he wanted more. His eyes opened and he glared at the box. Now he was craving blood, and the farie was still in the box. He needed the farie out, and then he needed to sate his thirst for the luscious liquid of life.
    Doug glanced around before setting a tomb on the box so the farie wouldn’t get free, as the sneaky little devils were apt to do. Then he went to his fireplace, and retrieved the gloves he wore when he was forging something. Once they were on he went back to the box and set aside the tomb. Reaching in, he felt the pinch as the little farie tried to bite him again. He ignored the little pain, and snatched up the farie.
    He grinned at the little thing as it fought and spit at him in an effort to get free. Doug ignored it and took the farie over to the cage he had made for it before it was delivered. Doug dropped the farie inside the cage, and locked it up before the farie could try to fly away.
    Doug took a moment to enjoy the farie’s frantic attempts to escape before he turned away. “I’m going to go eat little farie; we’ll play when I get back,” he tossed over his shoulder before he was out the door. He heard the farie shriek in rage as he latched the door, and chuckled. Oh yes, they would have fun later.

    1. I love it! Fairies are the best and damn, I never even thought of something fun that like. It makes me want to read more about this bad boy Doug and his captured, fairy. LOVE IT!


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