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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 7

Hey all! It's hump day again but it really doesn't feel like it. This weekend really screwed with my mind. I'm all sorts of messed up. I have a fun writing prompt for you all...

Prompt Seven- Fortune Teller
A fortune teller at the local county fair tells you two things. She tells you something good that will happen, and something awful that will happen. What are these events or incidents?

Here is my response...

“Look into the ball and tell me what you see.” The purple clad witch tells me.

“Um, okay.” I say skeptically, not falling for this magic bullshit. I glance over my shoulder at my best friend and glare, hating how she shoved me forward to talk to the fortune teller.

I play into the whole scheme and stare at the swirling white clouds in the crystal ball. I don’t really see much of anything at first but then the clouds fade away. My eyes glue to the ball like a television screen showing the most interesting thing ever.

“The pictures will come fast. Tell me what you see, child.” The old witch commands, her voice harsh and deep.

“Red flames.” I whisper out. “A black mask… A white heart…A rock.” I rattle out one after the other as the ball lights up with these strange images. After the rock, the crystal ball clears itself and the clouds move back in, making the ball look as if nothing ever happened.

A warm hand reaches and grabs onto my shoulder. At first I flinch at the awkward handling but then I feel her finger rub up and down and I know it’s my best friend giving me comfort.

“Do you want the good or the bad first?” The witch asks, after scribbling something down on her pad of paper.

“Good.” I answer, my voice weak.

“You will fall in love. The white heart symbolizes an eternal love and the rock solidifies that your love will be forever.” The witch answers, her features dark and chiseled.

“Tell her the bad!” Sammy, my friend, yells.

“You will fall in love with the wrong man. He’s evil and he will end up destroying you.”

“This is all bullshit anyways. Let’s go Kim.” Sammy says, grabbing my shoulder so I turn towards her. I’m still in a daze, my head jumbled in a confused mess. I follow Sammy out of the shop but glance back at the last second.

The witch nods to me, trying to convey some sort of hidden message. I don’t know why she thinks she knows me but I nod back. I don’t believe in magic or anything like that but her words resonate deep within me. 

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.

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  1. Wow, fantastic prompt, I will definitely try this one out and show you how it went! I loved the dialogue in your piece, I thought it was very believable, unlike in a lot of fiction out there. Good job:)

    1. Thanks for checking it out Alice! I'd love to see your writing, too.


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