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Friday, September 13, 2013

Late Friday Teaser | TTYC

Hey guys. I'm soooo sorry I'm writing the teaser so late. Long story short, my car stinks and I had to bring it into the shop where only more bad news came when the dude told me I need a new transmission. :( Anyways, I'm here now so here is a special The Thousand Year Curse Teaser.

I find myself comparing him to Ollie which I don’t like. He is almost as tall as Ollie—maybe an inch or two shorter but they are polar opposite looks wise. 
Where Ollie is blonde, Ari is jet black. Ollie’s hair is longer and has a flip to it where Ari’s is kept short on the sides, only long on the top. Ollie is more artistic looking where I can tell Ari is not. He looks athletic like the quarterback of a football team—very chiseled and strong yet lean. 
I’m staring at him so long that I don’t even notice when we stop or why. I look back at Ari in question, basically asking him why he stopped with my facial expression. He just looks straight ahead, his eyes never wandering. The tension radiating off him in palpable, making me nervous. 
I look up and see Ollie standing a couple of feet ahead of us. He looks hurt beyond belief and pissed off. I have no idea why. I leave Ari to see what’s up, wrapping my arms around Ollie’s waist when I’m close enough to him. 
When he finally tears his gaze from Ari, he looks down at me, his gaze softening. He envelops me in a wet kiss. He deepens the kiss more than normal in school but I figure he is doing the whole alpha male thing. You know how guys mark their territory or whatever. 
I turn to face Ari while still holding onto Ollie’s waist. I lead Ollie over to where Ari stands, frozen, wanting to introduce the two. Might as well try to get this out of the way. 
“Ollie, this is Ari,” I introduce them. “He’s new to school.” I add on trying to make this whole thing less awkward. There shouldn’t be this much tension in a first meeting even if they are two guys. 
“Nice to meet you,” Ari says. “What was your name, Ollie?” He winks a little towards me and there is humor in his voice. 
“And yours, Ari? Nice.” Ollie sneers back. Ollie’s face is completely unreadable—a blank slate. I can’t help but think that these two know each other. It must be my dreams that have me thinking this.

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