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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Curse of Betrayal | Teaser Four

Welcome to Friday! Thank goodness this week is over. It was definitely a long one. I'm exhausted but before I take a nap, I want to give you all a teaser! I'm going to do a three way interview with my main characters, Ari, Ollie and Ryder.

I can't wait... Let's see how this works. This takes place a week before The Curse of Betrayal begins. So if you haven't read The Thousand Year Curse, don't read this. There might be some spoilers. So keep in mind, this is like a check up before the book begins.

Interviewer: Welcome. How are we all doing today?
Ryder: Good.
Ari: Just dandy.
Ollie: I'm alright, thanks.
Interviewer: Let's start with you, Ryder. How was the last month or so since we saw you last in The Thousand Year Curse?
Ryder: Seriously?...Well, it's been pretty shitty. These two refuse to even speak to me so that's been fun. And my best friend isn't around. So to say I'm ready to get out of here would be an understatement.
Interviewer: That doesn't--
Ari: She's just being dramatic.
Ryder: I am not, Ari! You only text me anymore.
Ari: Because you haven't chosen!
Ryder: How can I chose when we're still stuck in this curse? It's not fair!
Ollie: We made the pact to protect us all.
Interviewer: Care to explain that?
Ollie: Ari and I know how this thing works. Ryder doesn't. So to protect all our of feelings we agreed to not pursue Ryder until she makes a choice between us.
Ryder: See what I'm dealing with? That doesn't even make sense.
Ollie: How doesn't it make sense?
Ryder: Because how can I chose when I never see you guys? The least we could be is friends but you stripped me of that as well.
Ari: For once Eury, I agree with Ollie. We both step out of the picture and you can think.
Ryder: Well thanks.
Interviewer: Ryder, why don't you tell me what you're feeling.
Ryder: Alone.
Ari: You know we didn't mean for you to feel that way.
Ollie: We're still here as friends.
Ryder: You're not though.
Interviewer: Why don't we change the subject...Ollie what are you doing lately?
Ollie: I've been searching for Athena, Ryder's mother. 
Interviewer: Do you know where to find her?
Ollie: Well I've met her before. She's an original god so she's been around longer than me or Ari. So I thought I knew where to find her but she's hiding herself pretty well. So I'm having trouble.
Interviewer: And Ari, how have you been?
Ari: Same shit, different day.
Interviewer: Well, what are you up to?
Ari: I left Ridgefield and moved into my house at Demi God Academy. School begins in about a week so I have to prepare. I teach two classes so getting back into the swing of things is hard. I normally only go to the school when Eury is, well, not around so it's odd. 
Interviewer: Ryder, are you excited to start school?
Ryder: I'm not excited for the school aspect per se, but I'm definitely excited to learn more about myself. I've been having dreams, specifically this one reoccurring jail dream and I'd like to understand it. I'd like to understand it all so I can help end this curse for good.
Interviewer: I think that's a good spot to end today. See you three soon and good luck in your future endeavors.
Ryder: Thanks!
Ari: Thank ya.
Ollie: Thank you very much for having us.

How'd you like that?! We got a little look at what our three favorite gods have been up to since The Thousand Year Curse! I love chatting with them. They're definitely some of my favorite characters to write. I can't wait to share The Curse of Betrayal with you all soon!

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Until next week! byeee

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