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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Writing Wednesday on Thursday | Prompt 19

So, I kind of missed writing a prompt yesterday. Therefore, today we get a special Wednesday Writing on Thursday. Except, there's really nothing special about it. I hope that everyone had a safe New Year and enjoyed themselves. I played a lot of games and hung out with family.

Let's get this prompt started...

Prompt Nineteen- Alone for 7 days
Write in whatever format, or style, or poem-like. You're stranded in your house, alone with no contact with people for seven days. What do you do? No limits or restrictions. Just write. Remember: it can be a poem of what you do, a story, a list. Anything!

My Response...

Day one:

The snow is piled up over the windows. I haven't seen a storm like this hit the east coast in my entire life time. Of course, my parents have said that when they were children, they had to walk through snow like this to get to school. Liars.

I shut all the blinds in my living room to keep the warmth in my small house. I just inherited it from my passing grandmother. I love it but there's no other house for miles and even then, it's an old couple I have no interest of meeting.

I yawn and look at the clock. 3:00 pm. What the hell am I going to do all day? I go into the kitchen and rummage around the cabinets for food to eat in sheer boredom. I have the genius idea to make myself popcorn and hot chocolate and then hibernate on the couch, watching movies for the rest of the day.

So I do.

Day two:

I wake up on the couch, chocolate smeared on my hands and a sticky feeling on my teeth. Whoops. I guess I passed out while watching Halmark movies. I groan while getting up from the couch and head to the bathroom to clean up my act.

After that, I make myself breakfast and eat it nice and slow. I open the curtain and more snow has piled up so there's only an inch of window left for me to see out. I climb onto a kitchen chair to look out and it's a complete white out.

I'm bored so I grab my cell to check what everyone else is doing but I have no bars. I walk around the house forever trying to find a spot where I can get service but it's no use. I'm stranded.

Since I'm stuck in here, I clean up. I vacuum. I hand wash the dishes. I throw in a load of laundry, then another, and another. I remake my bed. I wash down the counters. This only kills about three hours.

I make myself lunch. But it's not really that good. I'm left unsatisfied. I grab my kindle from my bedroom and retreat back downstairs. I decide to start a new book I got. So I throw a blanket around my shoulders and lay back down on the couch to settle in.

The book is good.

Day three:

The same amount of snow is outside. It's condensing and packing down from the weight of it but it's still rendering me stranded. I go into the kitchen and I'm starting to run low on food. So I decide that today will be a cooking day. I can pre-make a bunch of stuff with the ingredients I have left and then I'll be set.

I turn on the music and start dancing around while gathering everything I need. Singing to myself gets me all energetic and I kind of wish I could go play outside. Shovel even just to see the light of day. But I'm stuck so I continue to dance and cook.

Day four:

This officially sucks. Still no service...and I'm running out of things to do.

I've always wanted to make a scrap book of my trips around the world when I was twenty. So I grab all my old photo albums and start going through pictures. I organize, arrange and pile them. Before I know it, it's dinner time and my entire living room is full of mementos from my past.

I know I'm never going to actually scrap book them, so I put them away after dinner, pretty much the same way I found them. I literally got nothing done today.

Day five:

Screw this. This shit sucks. I pile clothes and mittens and a hat on my head, prepared to escape from my jail of a house. I go to the second story window and try to pry it open. It seems like it's iced shut. So I pull and push and blow on it to heat it up but it's freaking useless.

So I decide to take the bold move and head to the front door. It opens outward so I unlock it and push. I ram my shoulder into it over and over and I only move about an inch which probably only screwed me over more because I just packed it together.

I go back inside, tear off my outer gear and grab a pack of ice from the freezer. I wrap a dish cloth over the ice and hold it onto my bruised shoulder. I sit on the couch with food for the remainder of the day sulking.

Day six:

I scream at the top of my lungs, "help me!" I know it's useless but I feel useless just sitting around here. I hate this place. It's been six days of hell on earth. I hate that I don't have my home phone set up. If only this storm came a week later. I'd be set.

I feel fat from eating constantly. So I decide to work out. I grab some chairs and start to do abs, push ups and other things I try to make up. I'm blasting the music which makes me happy but this really isn't fun. By the time I'm done playing around, I'm a sweaty mess. So I run a bath and sit in there with a book I've read five hundred times.

I'm a prune when I get out and ready to veg on the couch.

Day seven:

"Dear god, if you're up there...kill me now." I pray. I've never really been religious but this is awful. I can't handle one more day in this nightmare of a life. I've done everything possible to keep me busy but this is the last day I can do it.

The food is all gone. I'm going to die soon. I have no more books to read. My tv sucks.Everyone is just reporting about the storm which I don't care enough to see. There's no good movies and I'm stir crazy. I can't just sit around anymore.

Just then, there's a knock at the door. I quickly run to it and push it open but I hit someone square in the face. He grunts and then falls backwards. I look around at the snow tunnel someone has made to shovel me out of this place.

"I'm so sorry!" I tell the person I just hit. He's bent over himself, clutching his face and groaning. I rush to his side, just happy to have contact with someone other than my couch, and try to assess the damage. But I don't see any. He's perfect.

"I'm new to the area." He reveals, his blue eyes glistening up at me. "I figured I'd shovel my neighbors and introduce myself."

"Oh, yeah... I'm Hannah." I tell him, awkwardly holding out my hand. It's like I've never been socialized. "I can help you." I offer.

"No, that's okay."

"Really. I need to get out of this place. Come in and I'll get dressed." I grab his forearm and pull him into the house. Finally, a friend.

Write your response in the comments section below or what you think of this prompt. 

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