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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 22

Welcome to Wednesday! I don't know about where you're all at, but it's a blizzard here. However, I'm at work, sadly. So since literally nobody is out and literally nobody is coming to the gym, what better to do than write a prompt. I'm bored, so please, please, please come play with me and write along. I'm picking an AWESOME one!

Prompt Twenty-Two- Ten Minute Thinker

This is a timed writing prompt. You know what that means, no editing, backtracking or adding back in later. Just write. This one we're doing ten minutes only. So it'll be a quick one. And I know you all have time for it. You must start the prompt with, "I used to think..." 


My Response...

I used to think that humans were the only intelligent life. I mean, why would I think otherwise. Monsters were a thing of fairytales and picture books. My rational thought was on point--knowing that the sky is blue, the grass is green, except during winter and things happen for a reason. 

That was all before the shadows started surrounding me and he came into my life. It was like any other day. I was on my way to class, crossing the quad at a fast speed because the chill in the air was prickly. I'm constantly running late to classes, but I blame that on my mother.

Anyway, I was running through the quad when this weird shadowy looking cloud emerged from in front of me. I had to stop dead in my tracks to avoid being swallowed up inside of it. But as I stood frozen in my place, it attacked. 

I was tumbling up and down and sideways. It almost felt like I was stuck in one of those martini tumblers. But suddenly, it all stopped. I was frozen yet again and I was getting really tired of it. I felt arms around me, under my arm pits, lifting me. When my eyes could finally focus on one thing, I could see that I was literally inside of the blackness. But now, I was being torn out to safety. 

Still being supported by this man's arms, I watched as the shadow receded behind a building. What even was that? Nothing in my brain could come up with a logical answer. I had a feeling this was far from normal. 

I turned knowing that I'm finally safe and looking into the most icy grey eyes I think I've ever seen. They hypnotized me into submission. A small smile played on his thick lips that had me smiling back. I was a fool. That was the thought that knocked me out of the sexual trance.

"Thank you," I told the man, thankful that he saved me life--I think.

"Just doing my job," he answered back.

"Which is?"

"Saving humans," he answered stoically. I took a second to reflect on his answer. The actual answer wasn't weird but the way he said it struck me as off. Almost like he'd save humans but not anything else.

"As opposed to..." I tried to lead him to explain more.

"My kind." Once again I paused trying to comprehend his answer. 

"What are you?" I asked him, my heart rate picking up. Suddenly I felt a little dizzy from the conversation. I had a feeling that things were about to change. And if I'm honest with myself, I hate changes.

"I'm not sure--" he started to say but I cut in.

"Please," I didn't bother pretending to be strong or tough. I just wanted to know what the heck was going on and what he was and why that black blob tried to eat me alive. I didn't think it was too much to ask.

"I'm a protector." 

BOOOOO. I ran out of time so I kind of had to end it swiftly. I liked that though! This was a really fun writing prompt. I went the fantasy route. What did you think? Ps. Remember, I'm not going back to punctuate or fix spelling. What's written in the ten minutes is IT!

Write your response in the comments section below or what you think of this prompt. 

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  1. I used to think that everything was fine. I used to think that there was nothing left to fight for, that there was nothing left for which to feel passion. Not that I minded. Everything was fine; not perfect, but perfectly fine. The world had quieted after the wars, and the New World Government kept us all fed and killed all the criminals and their families so that no one would complain. I was fine, as no one in my family was a criminal, but too many times had a friend of mine just ceased to exist one day. It wasn't that I minded, everything was still fine, but I thought about it. As I have discovered in these last few years, thought is a dangerous thing. Thought created the New World Government just as it created the resistance movement that refer to themselves almost humorously as the Malcontents. Thought created love, thought created hate, and thought created man himself just as it created the religions of old. We Malcontents respect thought as the deadly weapon it is, and we are going to use it to destroy this era of good feelings. The NWG must see it coming, but they have no idea how to stop this. They do not see thought as what it is. They see it as an obstacle, not as a tool. That's why we will win. I don't know when, I don't know how. All I know is that from now on, nothing is going to be fine.

    1. This was awesome! I love the idea. I think you could take this farther if you want. I love dystopian-like stories. I also like how you brought it back to being fine. Awesome!

  2. I used to think that dust bunnies were harmless until the day I tried to eradicate my house of them and ended up trapped beneath my bed captor of the dust bunny king. So here I sit waiting for my trial sate when It comes im sure I will lose apparently I am in violation of some peace treaty between humans and the dust bunny kingdom. Im sure area 51 has some files on my situation. But for now I sit alone how was I supposed to know they were alive and payin rent to live beneathe my bed. Was I not just like everyone else wanting a clean house. Who knew that taking a vacuum into the depths of netherworld beneath my bed would cause a ruckus. I sneeze as a bunny guard hippity hops to and fro my lint woven cage. I wish I had brought my lighter. Then these suckers would really know what breaking the law was like. I snickered evily as I imagined the mayhem I could cause with one match. Shaking my head I thought to myself maybe I really do belong in here. Maybe but at least they should have given me a warning right. I thought on that and wondered if maybe that's the reason your not supposed to rip off the tags on your matress maybe those had the rules and regulations to living peacefully with Dust bunnies. I sniffled and coughed as I lay my head on the puffs on lint provided for a blanket and pillow. My eyes shut praying I would awaken to my typical reality of beer and pizza with friends. How do dust bunnies live do they have beer and pizza night ?

    1. That was incredible. Not going to lie, I had no idea where you were going with that. I thought it was hilarious and such an original idea. Awesome!

  3. Ha! I hope it coherent and not to insane.


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