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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's a Snow Day... Impromptu Writing Prompt (#16)

So... It's a snow day here in CT!

 And I'm just too cold to do anything so in lieu of my laziness, an impromptu writing prompt that has to do with winter/Christmas/ I just tried to make it relevant. But first, some cute memes I found that I just must use.

This is what I looked like when I woke up and saw snow.

And here are my plans for the remainder of the day...

Now onto the serious stuff. Quit procrastinating and fooling around Taylor. Get it together! Okay, okay. 

Prompt Sixteen- Stolen Lights
Your neighbor started hanging her Christmas decorations. You smile, wave and say, “Looks good,” as you pull into your garage. Suddenly, you take pause and  notice that her decorations look very familiar and, are in fact,yours. To confirm you dash to the basement and see that all of you Christmas decorations are missing. You decide to steal back your good in the middle of the night but it doesn’t go as planned. Write this scene.
Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.
My response...
I'm not sure what plagued me to turn all neighborhood watch, especially since I'm single, live alone and am under the age of thirty, prime suspect for home invasion but those are my damn lights and I want them back. I pride myself on my decorations. I mean, when you live alone and have no family, what else is there to do during the Holiday season?
I get my lights up and Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving and it's done by that Monday before I go to work. And my bitchy neighbor stole my freaking lights! Clad in all black, I sneak out my back door so I don't wake my other neighbors dog, and slink through the shadows over to the Hausserman's house.
Did I mention I actually liked them before this whole theft dilemma?
Our houses are similar and luckily, they suck at putting lights up so I should be able to just twist a few strands to get them free and then jog back to the house. I have a duffle bag hung over my shoulder to shove the lights into, in a careful way so I don't break them and gloves on so I don't make an ounce of noise.
Their bedroom light is on but it's up on the second floor so I continue forward. The lights are off on the front porch since it's past one in the morning and the front lawn is pitch black. I start in on the window farthest away, thinking I'll work my way back to my house.
Meticulously, I peel each strand off the lower level windows, one corner at a time until it's all gone. Each window looks bare to the bone and not Christmasy at all. Good riddance. I look up and notice the second floor clad in multicolored lights but I can't do that now. I don't have a ladder, plus their light is still on. I stand in front of the house trying to devise a plan to get every single one of my lights back when their front door light flickers on.
Oh no...
"Who's out there?" Mr. Hausserman's gruff voice rings out in the dead of the night. Oh crap. I high tail it back to my place through the back yard. It's black so I know I won't be seen and even if I'm heard, they'll chalk it up to a pesky animal. 
I run faster than I ever have looking like Santa Claus with a sack over my back. I scurry into the back door and quietly click it shut. I stumble down the stairs into my shallow basement and heave the sack onto the ground to look at my findings. 
Just as I open the sack, I notice a similar bag sealed shut on the shelf in the corner. I don't really even use the shelves other than for my Christmas lights. I did look there, right? I'm sure I did. Or maybe, I was so mad that the Hausserman's stole my lights that I didn't give my basement a thorough check. 
Tentatively, I creep into the corner of the basement, pull down the string for the overhead light and see all of my Christmas lights, right where I left them from last year, twinkling up at me. I just stole somebody's Christmas lights from their house for no reason at all.
I have to figure out a way to put them back up just like I found them before morning.

Write your response in the comments section below or what you think of this prompt. 

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  1. The red and blue lights lit up my world my hand grasping the strands of precious bulbs something that should be emitting holiday joy not thoughts of prison bars and a guy named Butch standing behind me after I dropped the soap. Tentatively peeking over my shoulder I see nothing. My hands are raised high above my head a gruff voice says. Sir put down the lights now step backwards with your hands above your head. Mouth dry I drop the lights. Just then I here the tinkling of bells as I feel my arms brought behind my back. Looking down what I expect to be a policeman's shiny black shoes are in fact elf shoes with bells." You are under arrest for stealing holiday cheer and spreading scrogeism." "Wait" I yell "Why am I being arrest that bitch stole my decorations," as I twisted around I looked at a honking nose and beady eyes all in the face of a stretched elf. He continued in his gruff voice "You have the right to remain silent blah blah " I fought to be heard, but now I sit in a candy cane jail waiting to be tried. "Damn it all over some stupid decorations." My thoughts swam through what I should say but all to know avail. I said aloud to the emptiness. "Surely I fell and hit my head but whatever it is when I get home Im going to buy myself a long vacation where there is no freaking Christmas!!!!

    1. HAHA. I loved that ending! At first I thought she was really getting arrested and then you mentioned the elf and that was great. Nice prompt Nicky!


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