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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Marketing Help! | Free Bookmarks

Hey guys. I know, I'm posting a ton this week! So as an author, I want to get my name and novels to the public as much as possible. I've been talking with some friends and people who have helped me before when my first novel came out in August about what to giveaway and what readers want price wise and how to go about all this fun stuff.

So I ordered some bookmarks...

...just to get started. I like bookmarks and although I don't read from paperbacks much anymore, I've kind of started collecting them. So I gave a few away at bookstores around CT that carry my novel and I've used them in giveaways and gotten really good responses.

Just today I posted on facebook since I have so many, I want get rid of them and hand them out and if people want them, they should get some! And I got a really good response. But do people really want bookmarks or is just the appeal of something free? 

What would readers like? 
Key chains? 
Gift cards? 

I mean, I'm a college student so I'm broke enough as it is but I want people to be engaged and follow me and like my things. Plus with all these new ebook prices, I want to know really what you people pay. I feel like free books really aren't the answer. TTYC is 2.99 and I think that's probably the average for ebooks lately. I know typically when I buy an ebook, I'll pay around 2.99 and 3.99 but never really more. If it's less I feel like it's not worth it or something's fishy.

Anyway, here's a survey and I would LOVE if you'd just stop by reallllllly fast, I promise, it's super fast and pain free. Fill it out, there's no mandatory questions or anything like that. Nothing hard. It's not finals around here. 

Help me out!! Plus, I have bookmarks!! :) So if you do my survey or honestly, if you just want one, or both, shoot me an email with your address, no questions asked. Thanks for all your support and feedback through all my rambling. You're helping a sissta out big time! 


  1. It's so hard to know what our readers want, isn't it? Nice when they'll tell us. I hope you get a good response from your survey. I'll be interested to see the results.

    1. Me too! I've gotten a good amount of responses so I'll write something up next week for sure.

  2. Taylor, I am going to make a few survey comments and really hope I'm not coming across as critical or judgmental b/c I really am just trying to help an author out. I would have liked if you would have asked what kind of book swag we would enter to win b/c that was missing from your survey even though you asked it in your blog post. I also wish I could have chosen more than one price point for how much I'm willing to spend on an eBook (or maybe I could and I just didn't realize it?) I'll usually spend between $2.00 and $4.00 although I'll go up as high as $6.99 on a book I really want to read.

    As for the swag - I don't use bookmarks that often and when I do I recycle the same 2-3 I've had forever. I don't really need new bookmarks and won't enter to win them. I will enter to win stuff like notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, playing cards, pens, or other items I can use at work. I feel then like my house won't get cluttered and the stuff has a purpose. While I'll enter to win gift cards (who wouldn't??) I've never understood the purpose of that giveaway. Isn't the purpose of the giveaway to promote your books and hope that readers remember your book by using your sticky notes or your bookmark? With a gift card they will spend it and never remember where it came from. If the hope is that they buy your book, why not just giveaway copies of your book?

    1. Ashley-- thank you for your comments. Definitely not critical or judgmental. That's a good point about what kind of swag. Also for the pricing I just wanted to know the average people will pay. But I agree with your reasoning, and do the same thing.

      Yeah, most people agreed that they like bookmarks but don't really use them so I didn't make up another batch. Playing cards is an AWESOME idea. Honestly, I never ever thought of that. That would be really cool and you're right, it markets and keeps the novel in the person's head longer.

      Also, totally agree with the gift cards. I don't think it make sense and have only done one giveaway with a gift card. While it gets more people to your page and to enter, you're right, it doesn't help promote the book after that.



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