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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 17

Hey all! I'm neck deep in edits so I need a break. As in, I'm dying for a quick, fun, creative writing prompt. Actually I've kind of been looking forward to it since I woke up. Plus my day started bad :( I got pulled over for drinking a cup of coffee and the officer thought it was a cell phone. Thank goodness, she left me off with a warning... FOR DRINKING  COFFEE! Grrr...

Anyways, since I'm grumpy, I picked a really light and fun prompt. Here we go!

Prompt Seventeen- Back to Square One
Write a story based on the cliche, back to square one. This is a free write so there's no limits, no timers, nothing serious. You don't even have to use the cliche in your writing. The plot or story line or character or something just has to be based off, back to square one.

Post your response in the comments below, please!

My Response...

My main goal of my life is to be in this sorority. I know what you're thinking...But I promise I'm not a bitch. I'm not rich. And I don't really care what people think about me. It's for my mom. She passed away and the girls she met here were her life. I never heard her recall a story without the sorority being brought up. So although it's not really my thing, I have to get in--for her.

"Zoey, you're zoning again." My boyfriend, Matt, waves his large hand in front of my face as I stand on the porch of the brown house that just might be my home in a few hours.

"Sorry, what?" I shake my head to get out from my memories of my mother. I look over at Matt. His dark brown hair is cut short along the sides, just starting to grow again. His facial hair is trimmed close to his face but still visible. And his blue eyes are set on me and me alone.

"I said good luck." He giggles, lifting me into his arms. "Stop freaking. Everyone will love you just like I do."

"Thanks." I smile down at him.

"Now kick some ass!" He jokes, placing me back on my two feet. I plant a soft kiss on his lips, let out a long sigh and then let myself into the house. I glance back for one last peek but Matt's already retreating to the sidewalk. He belongs to the male frat of this one, senior in charge and all, so it worked out great.

"Hey there, Zoe!" Probably the only girl in the place I can actually hold a conversation with, Lo. I give her a hug and since we're both pledging we walk into the living room hand in hand. Tonight is the sleepover test. We share a room with one other person and if we last the night, we're in. Sounds easy but I've already been hit with eggs, forced to eat raw eggs and forced to egg a teachers house. I think they're obsessed with eggs, by the way.

The beginning of the night is smooth. The senior in charge, Caroline, is weirdly calm cool and collected. Every time I see her she's barking orders or pranking a pledge. But all through our formal dinner she's pleasant. I actually have a decent time conversing and sharing a light-hearted meal.

We're given our "bunk mates" for the night and surprisingly, I'm stuck with Caroline. They told us that we're all chosen randomly so I guess I just got the burnt match. We're having a party so I follow behind Caroline to the room so we can get ready before the boys start to come.

"You're lucky." Caroline says to me, probably the first words. "I have the best room in the house.

"Oh, cool." I feign caring. She unlocks the door and reveals a massive master suite. There's two full beds, one in each corner of the room and the entire middle has a tv, those swayed back chairs that are from ikea. She's got a mini fridge and two full closets. Damn, this girl is lucky. I guess it does pay to be on top.

"I'll let you shower first. Be quick." She fakely smiles at me and then shuts me in her room. My bed is made as if it was a guest bed with a little box with a towel draped over and usual shower accouterments. I head in and turn the shower on warm. I undress fast, wanting to be quick like she said but even after I'm done the shower hasn't warmed a teensy bit.

I wait a few more minutes but by now I know that it's part of the night. Freezing shower...Nice. I hop in, barely wash myself and then get out. Screw that. I'm clean enough. I tightly wrap the towel around my torso and grab the hairdryer to warm myself up and dry my icicle hair.

Of course as soon as I turn the thing on, a huge cloud of white sprays out all over my face and hair. I take a breath in and confirm that it's baby powder. My body is still wet so the white powder sticks to me like glue. Awesome...

After jumping into another freezing shower to get the crap off of me, I towel dry my hair and double check everything else before touching it. There's no way in hell I'll take another shower. I would probably just leave before doing that water torture.

I'm just about to put my shoes on when there's a knock at the door. I drop the shoe and turn the knob to see who it is. But as I pull the door, it refuses to open. There's a knock on the door across from me and soon later, my door is slammed shut. What the hell?

I pull on the door again but it's not budging. After using all of my strength, I hear the giggling and get it open just enough to see the string attached from my door to the one across from me. So every time I pull, her door shuts and visa versa. Cool...

After all the pranks and jokes, I laugh along even though I'm fuming underneath it all. I'm not the kind of girl to just take things sitting down. I don't let people walk all over me and it's extremely hard to let it go. But instead of getting mad, I go downstairs and grab a drink, waiting for Matt to show up. My savior.

"How bad did you get messed with?" Lo comes over to my side. Her face is sweaty and red like she's been tearing it up on the dance floor. It makes me smile.

"Pretty bad. I just want to get this over with."

"I hear that. Tonight's the end, though. Then we'll be sisters!" She exclaims, wrapping her tiny arms around my next. I laugh but it ends when I spot Matt across the room. He's with Caroline and I'm not an insecure girl or anything so that doesn't bother me.

But the way she's touching and talking to him does. "Be right back." I tell Lo, my eyes only on the pair in the corner. I'm halfway to them when he bends down and kisses her right on the lips. I stop dead in my tracks and watch them assault each other's mouths, going hard.

My brain is going a mile a minute trying to deceiver the view I'm glaring at. Matt initiated the kiss. Caroline looked like she was yelling at him but her hand was on his forearm, lovingly. Oh god. How stupid am I? He's been with her the whole time? I don't even care the story. I'm done.

Their kiss breaks and I still stand in my spot, a few feet away, arms crossed over my chest. As if he knew I was looking, Matt's eyes find mine and immediately widen in horror. I glare back, my lips pursed and then lift my middle finger as a greeting.

I smirk at Caroline but she's giving it right back to me like this was her masterful plan the entire time. I don't care if my mom loved this place. It's not for me and I don't belong here. They don't know who they just messed with.

I smile an evil grin at the duo and then retreat, leaving a wake of hate in my path. I cross the street to Caroline's competing sorority. The president just happens to be in one of my classes. If she wants to mess with my life, then I'm about to screw around in hers.

I knock three times on the door before Kim swings it open, dressed like a flapper. I must look like a basket case because she doesn't even utter a word. She just grabs my shoulder and tugs me into their house. My head is spinning and not from alcohol.

"Can I...I need to...Please...Can I pledge?" I rattle off, trying to straighten out my thoughts.

"Zoey, I've been trying to get your ass over here for months. You're in." She smiles down at me, wrapping her arm around my shoulder. I'm about to start a war. I have no boyfriend, no family--just like when I first came here. I guess it's true, it all comes full circle.

Write your response in the comments section below or what you think of this prompt. 

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    1. Here you go! Thanks for the prompt.

    2. Edgy but very well written. I loved it!! I like how you write in first person present tense, it's my favorite too. Awesome prompt. Do more!! I love reading them.

  2. Funny because when I first read the prompt my initial thought was of someone obsessively and maniacally trying to solve a Soduko puzzle. Crazy rambling words and sentences strewn together as someone thinks over numbers. Internal dialogue about 9's and 2's and 4's just to find themselves frustrated at the end, a failure, erasing everything and "back to square one."

    1. That's awesome. I think that would make a really cool writing prompt in both the literal and figurative sense of "back to square one." You should do it!


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