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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Curse of Betrayal | Teaser Five

Hey everybody! To those of you who are still snuggling in bed, I'm forever jealous. I had to go back to work today so here I am, writing you all a nice teaser. And to those who are at work, too- keep on procrastinating!

In the comments, tell me all about your holiday! I love to hear all the joy they bring and how each of you are doing in this magical season. I think it's okay to start saying Happy New Year now :) What are you all doing for the big day. I know I'll be spending it with my fiancé. (yes, it's still weird saying that).

Anyway, you guys aren't hear to listen to be ramble because I'm so bored. Here is your fifth TCOB teaser. Enjoy it, love it.

“Stop it!” Some kid across the room yells. It piques my attention so I glance over and there are two kids going at it. Both are guys and they’re moving at insane speeds. Both are barely a blur—one darker than the other which helps to differentiate the two.
“Enough!” A teacher says. She’s standing a few feet away from the boys but the second her hand is raised, the two boys levitate away from each other. It’s as if they’re on strings being pulled up like marionettes.
“Awh, Mrs. Ludwig. Put us down!” The darker kid says. He’s laughing at the altercation and I’m just standing here watching in horror. The teacher is holding them up like that like it’s no big deal. I’ve never seen anything so bizarre.
“Come on.” Kara brings me back to reality, shaking her head.

So, what do we think? Insanely AWESOME right?! I couldn't give you a teaser to give anything away so this was a fun little added scene. I love the world of the Curse Books. I don't know what I'm going to do when it's all over :(

Keep me company today! 

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