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Friday, December 6, 2013

A Reliant Love | Diner Teaser

Happy Friday Everybody! I know I'm super late with the teaser but I promise this one is really awesome. Remember, it's not edited so don't judge yet! But I wanted to give you something to make you all happy and brighten your dreary day (it's nasty and rainy here).

So this is from Sam's point of view. If you have no idea who Sam is, check out last weeks teaser because I give bio's from all of the A Reliant Love cast. They're my favorites right now.


“You going to stay over here the whole meal?” I ask her, just noticing that her thigh is pressing right up against mine in the diner's bench seat. The heat gives me an instant hard on and I have to adjust myself in the seat so she doesn’t notice.
“You have a problem with that?” She turns and faces me, raising her eyebrows like a challenge.
“Not at all.” I smirk back at her, resting my arm on the top of my booth and turning my body so I’m facing her. I bring my knee up on the seat and lean against the window, my arm dangling dangerously close to her blonde head of hair.
“Good.” She smiles over at me and then turns back to her menu, business as usual. The waitress comes to our table and takes our orders fast. I can tell she wants to get us moving since the place is so jam packed with people nursing their hangovers. I order myself a large coffee and Nathalie orders a hot chocolate with whipped cream and caramel sauce on top. I have to bite back my shit eating grin once the waitress leaves.
“What’s so damn funny, Sam?” She says, my name rolling off her tongue like it was made to be said by her.
“You eat like a five year old.” I tell her, my face dead pan.
“Drink.” I look at her confused. “I drink like a five year old. And no, I don’t. I just like sugar. What’s so wrong with that?” She says like she doesn’t get what’s so unusual with her.
“You’re funny.” I sit back and watch her. She looks back at her menu and then back at me since I refuse to stop staring at her. I just can't fight the urge to know what makes her tick. Why she is the way she is. Why she's sitting here with me.
“Stop.” She glares over at me.
“What am I doing now?” I ask, making sure to never break our electric eye contact.
“You’re looking at me.” Her voice is soft and so damn sweet, just like her beverage.

“Am I not allowed?” I ask her and she grunts, using the menu as a shield to hide her face. I can't hold back my throaty chuckle. She is immature and stubborn and childish but it’s not a turn off as I would have thought. I just want to corrupt her perfect little soul in such a devilish way.

How do you like that? I picked this teaser because it shows a little about the early relationship between Sam and Nathalie. They're really quite the pair. I love the dynamic between the two. I like the way they are when they're together. Basically I just love them.

Comment your thoughts and what you'd like to see next time.

P.S. I'm looking for reviewers for both this novel and The Curse of Betrayal. If you're interested shoot me an email, it's on my profile on google+. All ages are welcome, although this novel is dark and is suitable for ages 18+. 

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