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Friday, December 20, 2013

A Reliant Love | Cover Reveal and Sam's Playlist

Here it is guys! 

My next novel, A Reliant Love, has a cover and I'm sharing it with you all today. The novel goes to my editor in February so I'm looking for a spring release. BUT I just couldn't hold onto this awesome cover any longer. I'm so obsessed with it and it fits so perfectly with my story. I used the same person who did my, The Curse of Betrayal cover. I love her. :) Here you go.

As usual, I love getting feedback and hearing your thoughts so keep them coming!

Since I don't have a giveaway and it's standalone with none before it, I am going to give you the playlist to get you in the mood. This novel is from two point of views, Sam and Nat, so there are two playlists. I will give you some of Sam's. Then throughout the weeks, I can drop some more teases and hints. Here is the beginning to Sam's playlist...

Stop and Stare- One Republic
Pusha- Lloyd
Lips of an Angel- Hinder
Semi-charmed Life- Third Eye Blind
Over This- Ace Enders
Goodbye My Lover- James Blunt
Scars- Papa Roach
Lit Up- Buckcherry
Animal I Have Become- Three Days Grace
I Miss You- Blink 182
Stay- Florida Georgia Line
Breathe Me- Sia

What do you think of those? There are more songs on the playlist but I didn't want to give the entire thing away. Songs tell awesome stories and I love making playlists to go along with my books. Does this give you idea of the plot and what happens?

In a few weeks, I will release the blurb so you have a better idea of the story. But so far, what do you think?

Since this is a brand new novel, not part of my series, as usual anyone who wants to recieve an ARC and review it, shoot me an email or comment and I can message you. Thanks for alllllll your support guys :)


  1. VERY nice, Taylor. I love that cover, and the playlist looks interesting, too.

    1. It's very different from my other books so I'm very excited to share it when it's ready!


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