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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 21

Hey guys! It's so strange, but I feel like I haven't posted in forever. Even though this is normal for me. I guess too much editing has put me into a writing coma. I NEED this break today! How are you all doing? Staying busy and warm? Good! Now let's get this Wednesday started off right. Who's with me?!

P.S. if you entered the giveaways last week, you should've gotten an email from me! Thanks to all who entered!

P.P.S. this prompt is from

Prompt Twenty-One- Truth Telling

I'm really into these, write whatever you want, prompts. I like having free range to write as little or as much as I want in a prompt. So that's what's going down today. You just have to start the story with the beginning sentence, I wish someone told me. 

Like I said before, no time limits, no word limits. Only thing is you have to start with the sentence above. Like usual, comment so we can share!

My Response...

I wish someone told me the truth for once in my god damned life. I don't know if I have the face of a puppy, or am just pathetic, but I'm tired of people lying to me to preserve my feelings. I think I'd be a lot happier if Mark had just broken it off with me, instead of me having to walk in on him with his ass in the air, hovering over my best friend.

Tears streaming down my face, I stand in the entrance way to my bedroom, watching my boyfriend screw my best friend. I hear her panting, begging for him to go faster, harder, smoother, longer. And I just stand here in shock, my feet rooted into the hard wood floor.

"Oh my god!" Lindy yells when she notices me staring. She struggles underneath Marks heavy body, trying to wriggle out of his grasp. He still doesn't see me--too entranced in his sexed up thoughts. "It's Cammie!" she now yells, which gets his attention.

"Oh shit..." he mutters. I don't know whether it's his eyes, which tell me he could care less, or the fact that the only two people in my life have handed down the ultimate betrayal, but I'm out of my shock induced state. I walk to their side, and stare down at them, contemplating whether I want to hit her, or him, or maybe them both. But in the end, I shake my head and walk out of both their lives.

I hear their yells behind me, so I run, and run, and run, until my legs refuse to run any more. I stop at the edge of campus, somewhere I don't frequent often. I tend to stay with my friends, in packs. 

What am I going to do? 

I can't step food in my sorority house anymore. I don't want to see any of their stupid faces. Truth be told, I don't even like living in there. I hate having to act happy and fake all of the time. I hate those girls with their shitty morals and wannabe top dog attitudes.

This isn't the first time I've been screwed over. My dad left first, leaving me with a fucked up mother. And eventually when I was apparently "too much to handle" my mom left too. I went from aunt, to uncle, to grandmother, to legal age. So to say I'm used to being alone would be an understatement.

I wander around aimlessly, reflecting on how my life got to this point. When I finally had my life together, awesome boyfriend, best friend, graduating in a year, it just has to get swept out from under me. I find a dilapidated park bench and sit down on it, my body involuntarily crumbling over itself. 

Now what? 

"I don't want to intrude..." a male voice breaks through my somber fog. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine." I grumble out, not wanting someone to witness my break down. I pride myself on hiding my emotions, bottling them up for a rainy day. This guy can't see me crack.

"Do you need to call anyone for you?" he asks, stepping out from the shadows of the night. I finally look up, frustrated that I'm not being left alone to wallow in my sorrows. I don't know what I expected, but it certainly isn't this guy. I've seen him around. He's the quiet type you read about in stories--suffering, past full of skeletons, probably angry. 

"Tell me the truth." I fix my gaze on his baby blues, meeting him head on.

"What?" he asks back. He must think that my interacting with him means I'm down to hang, because he plops his large body on the seat next to me. Our thighs touch and electricity shoots through my body. I try to wiggle away, but the bench is only so big. He's too large of a person to share the bench. Inside, I'm squirming.

"The truth." He quizzically looks at me, and I'm over this conversation. I don't want to have a heart-to-heart, I don't want to hear how sorry he is I've been hurt. All lies people tell each other to make you feel better. "I'm sick and tired of people babying me. I've been alone my whole life, so I know what I'm doing. I'm sick of this place, of these people, of this life." I stand up, ready to storm off away from this guy, but his hand on my forearm stops me.

"You're broken," he tells me, never breaking eye contact. I stare back, craving more honesty. "You're tired of living a lie. I've seen you with your friends. You stick out like a sore thumb, with their bubbly attitudes and holier than thou presence and then your whole, I could care less what you say faces. You're an ice queen, looking for some heat in your life. And you want someone to listen to you for once."

I want to tell this guy off, and stick it where the sun don't shine. But the words at my lips aren't angry. "Thank you." I smile, probably my first real one in years. "Thank you," I tell him again. I stare into his eyes for one more second and then leave. 

The lie is over. It's time to reinvent myself.

Write your response in the comments section below or what you think of this prompt. 

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  1. I wish someone had told me it was going to be like this I say to my gaunt reflection in a bathroom mirror. I had left the safety of my mountain home expecting a birthday of sun and fun but not the fun they were having now. I bang on the walls as the moaning and thumping surrounded my little capsule of peace. Hey I cry aloud let me at least t attempt to get some sleep. Nothing stops, the creaking intensifies a little. I walk out to sufficient room holding a bed and sheets all that one really need to rest. Three days I had to put up with this. Night clubs and different men strutting through the rented beach house. Every morning I could hear various cars leaving the graveled drive way while my supposed friend's roll out of their rooms messy hair and satisfaction thrust into my face. Another night had passed without sleep a strong cup of coffee the only thing keeping me standing. Damn Bitches I mutter under my breath as I hand them cups off coffee I had pre poured. Today was my b-day and they dare roll up all happy while I stand here very much bitter and sleep deprived. 25 half way to 50 Brittney a tall blonde bombshell says. I frowned as she smirked at me over her coffee cup I hold my middle finger up in salute to her statement. She laughed and said just wait till to night I wont let you get away with being bitter and unhappy on your birthday. Great I sneer another night of things that go bump in the night. I knew I didn't have a reason to complain about I wasn't exactly as free as they were. I hated the thought of swapping fluids with some hosed down bar fly I had just met. I shrugged as she walked away humming some song. The day I spent in bed while my friends ran about laughing, where did they get their energy I envied their flare for freedom. I was the party pooper of the group. I was much more suited to book shelves and sweats not the tight fitting and skimpy clothes they were forcing me into. Again I stand in a bathroom surrounded by blaring music and screams of women. My face was bright red as I breathlessly say I really wish someone had told me they were taking me to a strip club and I was the b-day girl for the night. I could here banging on the door my drunk friends crooning hey what you doing in there. Fernando's looking for you. My cheeks flushed in embarrassment as I recalled his swing hips. I stared and said Yeah I really wish someone had told me and I would have stayed home. Looking towards a small window I made a resolve Escape!.

    1. Love it Nicky! I like how you brought it around full circle. We kind of had similar endings, change and escape. Haha. Keep stopping by! I love reading :)

  2. I really liked yours Taylor I very much appreciate you giving me something to work on each week. Keep it up!


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