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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Playlist Tease | TCOB #3

#3 of my playlist teasers. First I will name the song, then lyrics, then video, then I'll give you an excerpt from The Curse of Betrayal that goes along with the song. These teasers are small but they give you insight on the novel. So enjoy! Less than two weeks until the release!! 

Going Through Changes- Army of Me

It's hard to have strength when there's nothing to eat
And it's hard to eat when you don't have the teeth
And how, when you lose the one thing you love
There's nothing below and there's nothing above

And I've been going through changes
I've been going through changes [x2]
With nothing at all

It's hard to accept what you don't understand
And it's hard to launch without knowing how to land
And how, when it burns, you can't change a thing
You can soften the blow, but you can't stop the sting

And I've been going through changes
I've been going through changes [x2]
With nothing at all [x3]

I am still yours even if you're not mine
I stare at the floor and I study the lines
Oh I took my place at the back of the crowd
Baby I couldn't see, but at least it was loud
At least it was loud

And I've been going through changes [x3]

And I know that I needed changes
But not this, this is not painless
Oh no, this is not painless



Instead of losing control like the old me would and giving up, I lower myself down the rope. I count the knots backwards. 49…48…47… 
All the way until I can touch the ground. When my feet hit the solid floor, I let go of the rope. I look around me and see that I’ve made it down alive. I’m alive! I smile at just making it down, not caring about how long it took or if I did it right.
The room has gotten pretty silent which sends an eerie chill up my back. I walk over to where Kara is standing as I rub my throbbing shoulders which are most definitely shot and will be quite sore tomorrow if I had to guess.
“What?” I ask her when I’m only about a foot away.

“You’re strong as shit.” She has these vast eyes as if she just discovered I’m some secret Hulk.

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