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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 25

Welcome back everyone! Sorry that I haven't been posting more. I've been crazy busy working on A Reliant Love, so my days and nights have been consumed. But don't fret. I'd never miss a Wednesday to write with you all. How are you all doing? I hope despite the cold, snowy weather most of us in the US are getting you're sticking with it. What better way to write than to do it in front of a warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Anyway, let's get down to it!

Prompt Twenty-Five- Greedy Roommate
A plot-based writing prompt. Develop your story based on the idea, your roommates have not paid their portion of the bill. This can have as many words or take as long as you want. Well, what are you waiting for? WRITE!

My Response...

The music pounds through the walls. I roll over in my twin sized bed and try to cower underneath the pillow in hopes of blocking out the loud base, but it's useless. I understand that it's a Saturday morning and we don't have classes, but you'd think after I asked them to quiet down just last week, they'd at least try to shut the hell up.

I think it's pretty damn obvious that sleep is out of the cards, so I sit up in bed and try to contemplate how to go about killing my best friends. I figured when we moved in together we'd be the three best friends and do everything together. But lately, it's been me stewing in my room while my friends get their freak on.

I'm done with it. I can't live like this anymore. I've had other roommates who were at least respectful of me and it's a damn joke that my supposed best friends treat me like such trash. I get out of the bed and throw a sweatshirt over my loose tee. 

I slip on slippers and head into the bathroom to wake up and get ready. If I'm up there's no point in wasting the day. I quickly relieve myself, brush my teeth and attempt to run a comb through my dark, unruly mane of chocolate hair. Another useless moment in my morning.

Kara and Meg are bouncing around the kitchen, the music still blaring. Kara's standing on the freaking kitchen table, which is mine I might add and paid for with my own money-which I don't have much of to begin with. Meg is flinging around silverware, bouncing to the rhythm is such an annoying way, I want to punch her.

"Lookie who's awakie!" Kara squeals and I could swear she was trying to impersonate a sorority girl.

"It's the cock blocker coming to life!" Meg chimes in and jumps from the counter onto the kitchen table. My entire body tenses, praying that it doesn't break. Murder sounds really good about now, especially since living in jail is probably more civilized than this.

"That's me," I say, my voice laced with sarcasm. I go into the refrigerator to find some breakfast but when the icy air hits my face, I'm stunned. "Where's the food?" I turn and face the two chimps, my eyes wide.

"We got hungry," Kara says.

"We had friends over, too. They were hungry," says the next one, like they had this all rehearsed.

"It's my food!" I yell out, slamming the fridge door shut. Of course, nothing clanks inside since it's as bare as they men those two sleep with. I try to talk myself off the ledge since I have to live with these psychos but it's useless.

"There's some bills on the counter," Kara says, her voice miniscule.

"Pay them!" I shout in a huff.

This is the final straw. You don't screw with my food! With my hands in balls, I storm into my bedroom, which is the smallest in the damn place, and slam the door shut. They laugh. Annoying little brats. I quickly throw on a pair of jeans and boots and emerge back in the living area. They're still dancing around and I don't even glance their way as I pass.

* * *

After a week of searching for a new place and talking with the building manager, today is the day I can cut ties with my old friends- who resemble nothing like they used to- and move in with a new person. I haven't met my new roommate but to be honest, anything is better than the hell I'm living in.

Kara and Meg are out for the night- probably prostituting around and getting white girl wasted. I've managed to rent a truck and hide it for the last day from them. But now is the time. I gather every single thing that is mine. From the couch to my precious table, to my silverware to the shower curtain. I leave the place dry and don't even feel an ounce of guilt.

A few hours later, the truck is loaded and I'm ready to leave. The twin bed came with the place so I lay in it, waiting for the dynamic duo to come back. I must fall asleep because next thing I know, I'm being awakened by a loud shrill. 

I turn in the bed and prepare myself for a fight or argument, but my room is empty. I reach for my cell and the clock blinks, 9:00 AM. I slept through the night. Which means that they're just getting back down after what I'm sure was a walk of shame. Perfect.

I plaster a smug grin on my face and walk into the living area where the two are crying, holding eachother like the other died. "Hey," I say as I saunter into the room. I lean against the empty counter and wait for them to put the pieces together.

"We've been robbed!" Kara shrieks, clutching Meg harder.

"Are you kidding me..." I mumble to myself. "We weren't robbed you morons. I'm leaving." This isn't quite as victorious as I thought it would be. I grab my key and slide it off the chain where my car keys are. I place it on the counter and it clinks, vibrating off the walls like an echo. 

"Are you going away?" Meg sniffles, and tries to right herself, fixing her way too short skirt so it fits over her ass.

"I'm moving out since you two have treated me like trash. You don't pay pills, you don't buy food or clean or even cook. I don't even know you anymore." I don't bother to glance back. I just stride forward in long steps before I change my mind. I know I shouldn't care but fact of the matter is, they used to be my friends. But those people are long gone, tainted by whatever's making them this way.

Write your response in the comments section below or what you think of this prompt. 

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