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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prose and Cons Editing

Instead of prompting with you all, today I'd like to share my experience with my editor. Ps. The Curse of Betrayal is available now! So, like, go get it! Anyway, I want to explain how I found Danielle, what she's done for me and why you should consider using her! Let's get down to it.

Background Information...

Danielle Rose is the founder of Prose and Cons editingDanielle has worked as a professional editor with several editing companies, including StraylightThe Speculative Edgeand Static MovementShe has also published numerous short stories in magazines and anthologies. Danielle has a strong educational background, as well: She attended the University of Wisconsin – Parkside and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English, focusing on creative writing, and her Certification in Professional Writing. Danielle currently attends the University of Southern Maine, where she plans to graduate in January 2015 with her Master of Fine Arts in creative writing.

So to say she is qualified would be an understatement. Personally, I found that Danielle is very well-versed in grammar. She loves the oxford comma! But on a serious note, she knows what she's talking about. She suggests better words, knows sentence structure, and is able to help rework a passage until it's perfect. 

How I found her...

Danielle messaged my Facebook page saying she heard about me from another writer. We talked but it was way before The Thousand Year Curse and to be honest, I was in Italy so I kind of forgot about it. Needless to say, I didn't get an copy editor and moved on. 

But then the heavens opened upon us and she contacted me via email about a deal she had going on that I just could not pass up. We started chatting about pricing and the book and what not and I found that I really enjoyed talking to this girl. She was professional but I knew we were a good match. Sometimes you just know you work well with someone and that was Danielle.

Editing and so much more...

So not only does Danielle edit your work but she does SO much more. And by so much, I really mean it. Since we started working together she's made me cover photos, tweeted countless times and given me really solid feedback to help market myself. We've spoken about developmental things and just what works in the industry. She goes above and beyond the title of editor.

Here's one of the cover photos, she's a genius!

What you all want to know... pricing...

Copy and Content Editing is just $3.00 per page (250 words). Here's exactly what that is:
1. A line-by-line edit, noting accuracy–specifically spelling, punctuation, structure, flow, and logic.
2. An overall approach to your manuscript, looking at character development, use of themes, plot holes, etc.
Then after the edit, she'll go back for half the cost and double check it. $1.50 per page (250 words) to go back through. This feature is awesome because after your first round of edits, things change and you want to make sure it's still right!
BUT, and I want to make sure this is well-known, she constantly does promotions and sales! Not only that but if you email her, I'm sure she's willing to compromise. So for my first novel, I did it during a promotion. She's going back into The Thousand Year Curse and because it's already published, she's editing it cheaper than normal. I booked my next four books with her and got a discount on them all for pre-booking. Oh, and if you refer someone she'll love you, plus give you a discount on your next book.
She probably hates me because I honestly take advantage of every sale. Just kidding, she's awesome for doing things like that since I'm a student and constantly broke! But she's understanding and will work it out with you if price is an issue. She'll also edit in parts so you don't have to give her one lump sum. There's always something she can do so price should NEVER be a problem.
All you have to do is email her and ask! Here is her email, She'll quote you, no problem. 
If you want anymore specifics check out the website There's a lot of information on her website that's helpful. Plus other testimonials if you don't believe me.
My Experience...
Throughout my time with Danielle, I have learned so much myself. I don't pride myself on being grammatically correct all of the time-it's just simply not my specialty. I know the difference between a comma and a semi-colon, and random stuff like that, but I truly was looking for an editor who has a keen grammar eye, but also could check for plot holes and make sure characters were spot on.
Danielle is all of the above.
I've booked five, maybe more, manuscripts with Danielle already. Not only is she an awesome editor, but we're constantly messaging and talking. With my series, she's helped me come up with the ending and made sure to give me her honest advice. She knows the writing market and what works and what doesn't. But the best part is, she's not afraid to give it like it is and I really appreciate that.
While she edits, she's constantly marketing as well. I love checking twitter and seeing a tweet from @pandcediting. It brightens my day and I know that the work she does she takes pride in. On her websites main page, my books are on the side along with others she has edited. She's constantly working and striving to be the best. And I think she is. 
She responds to emails, Facebook messages and however else I can get a hold of her, as fast as possible. She's a great communicator and for that, I'm grateful. I have a lot of questions and she always has an answer for me. She's funny and relatable and I've truly developed a relationship with her. Like I said before, we really connected and I think our professional relationship is near perfect.
She uses Microsoft Word with her editing and tracks changes, which rocks. With most of her edits, she writes why she changed it, which is awesome because there's reasoning and understanding. It helped me learn was a writer, why a comma should be there or why that word should be past tense. After chapters, she'll give her general thoughts, too. She also sometimes adds little comments of parts she really likes or something like, "he would never say that." Then I look am like, yeah, she's right. 
MORAL OF THE STORY, Danielle Rose is an amazing editor. She is knowledgeable in grammar, plot and character development, and the writing market. She's a great communicator, willing to compromise, and easy to work with. Check out my novel, The Curse of Betrayal, which Danielle edited to see her work. She rocks!

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