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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 24

I'M BAAAACK! Okay guys, my life is back to normal and thank goodness because I missed writing with you all. I need a writing prompt like it's nobody's business so today is going to be a good one! I hope everyone is going well in the dead of winter. I hope you're all sticking to writing.

Well, let's get to it. This prompt is in honor of the olympics and because I love ice hockey oh so much! I found this at

Prompt Twenty-Four- Hockey Injury

This is a plot based writing prompt. All you have to do is have your prompt revolve around, the doctor says hockey is injuring his spine. As long as it's generally about that, then you're good. There's no word count or timed restrictions. Just write until your heart pleases. 

My Response...

He stood outside of the rink doors, eavesdropping on his coach and the team's sports medicine advisor. He could clearly make out their harsh whispers and with each word his heart was breaking over and over again. 

"The doctor says if he continues to play, he'll continue to injury his spine and he'll need surgery," the sports doctor, his name was Kevin, said.

"Spit it out, Doc. What does that mean?" his coach asked.

"Surgery will get him out for a year, at least. Then you're talking recovery and rehab. It may not even work and there's risks." The doctor paused. "He could become paralyzed or loose feeling. He needs to just stop." 

"Shit." Coach muttered curses under his breath and he figured now was as good a time as any to barge in. His life was crumbling before him anyway so what's the worst that could happen? As he opened the rink doors, the icy air whipped against his face and he feared it would be the last time he felt this.

Both his coach and the doctor's eyes darted to him and he cowered, realizing this was the worst case scenario. The pity that was held in their eyes seared him from the inside out. He was dying, his life was ending. Without hockey, who was he? 

"Son, we need to talk," coach leveled with him, their eyes finally clashing.

"I heard," he answered, his voice strangely even. "Am I off the team or what?"

"I don't have a choice." Coaches voice was filled with emotion and to be honest, he didn't want to hear it. There was nothing coach could do. It was his damn back's fault, not coach's or the medic's or even another players. The fault was his own.

"I get it. I just have one request." 

"Anything," coach answered, more than willing to grant his last plea. If only coach knew what a tall order he'd have to fill. 

"Let me play in game one. Anything happens, I'll get off. I just want to feel that Olympic ice under my skates, breathe the air through my nose. Please," he begged coach to let him play just one last game. It's the Olympic game for fuck's sake. He deserved to at least touch the ice and play one single game. He wasn't asking for anything he didn't deserve. He put in the work, he had the talent, he just had a fucked up back.

"Sure," coach relented, knowing the meaning behind the Olympic games. 

* * *

Walking during the opening ceremony was a dream come true. He had on the red, white and blue vest, the little blue hat that made him look like a damn fool, but he didn't care about his appearance. He was living a dream he never thought would bloom. 

The next morning was the big game. His last game. The only game that ever truly mattered. He stayed up into most of the night, nervous butterflies taking free reign in his stomach. He felt the need to vomit constantly but knew it was just his anxiety peaking.

He showered and went though his routine faster than normal. He was the first one in the locker room and the first one on the bench. He also was first to touch the ice. He paused before he stepped foot on it. The zamboni had just cleaned it so there wasn't a single scratch. It looked pristine, glistening in all of the stadium lights.

He strangely felt like the only person in the place when in reality, the place was packed to the brim. USA versus Canada was the game to watch and he was holding the spotlight. But he didn't care. He didn't care that people wore his jersey and yelled his name. He did it for his love of the sport and his own pride.

His right foot glided across first, then his left. With his stick in his hand, he skated along the blue circles, turning and twisting as he stretched his legs and attempted to loosen up his back. He failed miserably. But he plastered his game face on and prepared.

If this was his last game, he was going to make it count. He was going to have the game of his life and not have a single regret. He eyed coach who was nervously looking at him and shook his head. The refs came on the ice and blew their whistle. The National Anthem rang out while all the men stood on the blue lines. Some sang along but not him--he was too in the moment. He almost felt the need to cry at pure joy.

He was first string so he huddled with his men and listened to instruction. Being a right wing, he didn't call the plays but he followed them good. The puck dropped and so did most of his heart. This was his one shot. He skated forward, past his opponent and took the puck when his teammate passed to him. He cradled it in the grooved stick and carried it past the red circle. 

He looked left and right and when he saw his teammate was open, he passed across the center of the ice. It was risky but it was a perfect pass. He was watching the puck travel across the ice and didn't notice the guy coming straight at him.

The guy took him off guard. He didn't lower his body or bend his knees. He didn't even know it was coming. But he was laid out on the unforgiving ice, knowing that his career was over. He wouldn't be able to recover and play out the game. Luckily, his teammate scored on the play. 

He was forced to watch the remainder of it from his hospital bed, alone. 

Write your response in the comments section below or what you think of this prompt. 

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