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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Playlist Tease | TCOB #14

#14 of my playlist teasers and the last one. First I will name the song, then lyrics, then video, then I'll give you an excerpt from The Curse of Betrayal that goes along with the song. These teasers are small but they give you insight on the novel. So enjoy! Less than ONE day until the release!! 

Don't forget to get on amazon tomorrow and download or buy The Curse of Betrayal! But for tonight, enjoy the Super Bowl.

Fighter- Christina Aguilera 




 I crawl to my knees and then push onto my feet with intense speed. I need to get stabilized so I have a fighting chance. I throw my fists up like they do in the movies when they’re getting ready for a brawl. One of the guys watches me furiously and starts strafing back and forth. I go along with him, trying to anticipate his next move as he tries to guess mine. 
He lands a punch on me, right in the cheek, before I even understand what he’s done. I stumble back, amazed that this guy freaking hit me. It fuels my anger, so I run towards him, my arms out, wanting to tackle him to the ground. I may not know how to punch, but at least I’m forceful. 

I use all of my strength to knock him over, but I haven’t planned what to do next. I pin him down with my arms, but my strength is dwindling fast. I get lightheaded, because I’ve done too much and almost feel like I’m about to pass out. I struggle to hold him there. “Lisa!” I call out, hoping she’s nearby to help. I look to my side, and Cristos is face up on the ground, using his legs to fend off two more guys. And then he disappears.

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