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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 36

Hello there writers! How are we doing this week? I'm ecstatic because I finished editing A Reliant Love. It's made its last stop at my editors then I'm releasing it! So get ready for daily teasers starting next week. I can't wait. So, I'm happy to take a little break (Just kidding, I'm already working on Wingless) and prompt with you all. Let's have some fun!

Prompt Thirty-Six- Computer Attack

This is a scenario. Explain what happens after this event... A computer malfunctions and traps fifteen people in a small department store. There is only one parcel of food in the store. What happens next?

My response...

The lights abruptly shut off, leaving me trembling in the dark. I'm alone, which makes the situation that much worse. I bend down and reach around the ground, searching for a clothes rack I can hide under. The news said that computers were malfunctioning across the globe, but I figured since it's April 1 it was just a prank. I guess I was wrong.

"Hello?" Someone yells from across the room. The store is fairly small, but it's still spacious. Their voice echoes against the tall ceilings. I'm afraid to respond so I remain quiet, huddling against the unrelenting metal rack.

Just as suddenly as they turned off, the lights blink to life. It takes a few moments for my eyes to adjust. I know I'm out of sight from the others when all I can see is feet. Just as I peek out from under the rack, a man in a rack similar to mine, shakes his head in what I think is a warning for me to stay hidden. I don't move.

"We're locked in!" a deep voice yells. Something jingles, like thick chains rattling. A few more people move around, I can hear their footsteps, some right behind me. The man across from me in the rack is still there, his black booted foot is in my sight. For some reason, I don't want to move away from him.

I glance out from behind a brown jacket. I leave it framing my face, in hopes that it will shield someone from seeing me. I can just make out two workers standing where the department store should open to the mall. Unfortunately, the large metal bars that lock the shop up are down and locked tight.

The two workers talk together in hushed tones. I can't make out a single thing they say. A girl and what I'm guessing is her father walk over to the workers. "Do you have food here? Water? My daughter is sick. She needs something to eat," the father says.

"We have a small cooler in the back," the first worker says.

"We don't even have a bathroom in here. It's down the hall."

"Check the back door!" the first worker yells. I whip my head back and catch the feet of a man pass by me. I try to listen as hard as I can but I don't hear much until the man comes back and lets us know the bad news--the door's locked as well.

"This is all we have," the second worker says. I peek from behind the coat again and see the worker emerge with a wrapped piece of food. For some reason, it upsets me that we're giving the only food away this early. If the threats on the television were true, we're screwed. She can have a bite, but we should share the food.

I jump out from behind the rack and step into the store. Nobody even notices me. Except the man in the rack next to me. He gets out too and steps beside me, almost protectively. I glance over and his gray eyes hold mine.

"I think we need to conserve our food." I say aloud.

"My daughter is sick," the father says.

"Give her a bite, but we need to share it. One computer attack in Iowa lasted seven hours. We need to conserve it as long as we can. Especially since we don't even have water," I try to explain without being mean.

"I'm okay, daddy. I was just scared," the little girl says, smiling up at her father.

"Are you sure?" he asks. The little girl nods.

"Who is this bitch?" a man from behind us storms up to me and almost pushes me backwards. He steps forward, snatches the protein bar from the worker's hand. "I take what I want," the man says and then turns away from us. We all watch in amazement as he retreats to a dressing room and slams the door shut.

I don't know if it's fear or the fact that our one little piece of food is now gone, but tears bubble up from behind my eyes. Before I know it, the protective man wraps his arms around me. I sob into his chest, unable to control my emotions.

"I'll protect you," he whispers to me.

"Thank you." I look up from his chest and meet his gray eyes again. They're welcoming and reassuring. Trusting, even. I believe him. He takes my hand, leads me to the metal door, the farthest space possible from the thief and sits us both down. I rest against him, like I've known him my whole life. 

It's just as I'm getting settled that the sirens go off and the lights shut off. Only this time, I don't hide. I cling to grey eyes for my life. 

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