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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 35

Happy May peoples! It's my birthday month and one month closer to my wedding. I'm starting to get reallllly excited. Also, I got my edits back for A Reliant Love so it's close to being released. Like so close I could scream! So far, this month rocks :) Let's get prompting writers!
Prompt Thirty-Five- Ruby Angel
Plot based writing prompt for you all today. Create a story for the cautious and wide eyed Kitty Sampson, who becomes the super heroine Ruby Angel, who possesses the ability to control gravity. This one's from 

My response...

I stare down at my hands in pure horror and amazement. When I'm able to tear my eyes away from myself, the world around me comes back into focus. People are screaming, their faces red with blood. I run to a small boy beside me who's crying for help, his mother and in fear. 
"What happened?" he shrieks as I scoop him into my arms. I shake my head because I can't come up with an explanation. One second we were on the plane, I was freaking out, having a panic attack being in the small area and then the next we're crashing. 
"Watch out!" someone yells from down the sand. I look up and the tail end of the plane is falling towards us, the weight creaking. I don't know what to do, but my body reacts. I reach my hand up and the tail end rests in mid air. I drop my hand, fearing what I don't know, but just as I do, the tail starts to fall again.
I have to save the boy and at least buy him time to move, so I hold the tail in the air with that seems like just my mind, or hand, or something, and instruct him to move. When I've put him down and it's clear, I let it go and the tail tumbles lifelessly down to the sand creating a large crater. 
I realize as I stand amiss this tragedy that I've been given something that makes absolutely no sense. Somehow I'm able to control air, or gravity, or something like that. I don't understand it. I don't really want it. But I'm going to use it for good. I'm going to save these people from the crash, no matter what I do.
* * *
I start to pour Cinnamon Toast Crunch into my bowl, when I realize nothing is coming out. I'm half watching TV, half trying to eat, but it seems like I'm all out. I get up from my small kitchen table and open the fridge in search of some food. Unfortunately, it's empty. I've been too busy to stock up.
Ruby Angel strikes again. A burning building on the East Side of New York City threatened to kill hundreds. Luckily, Ruby Angel, our favorite hero stepped up to the plate and held the building together long enough to get the citizens out. Wherever you are Ruby, we thank you! 

"You better watch out, your ego can't get much larger." 
"Is that supposed to be your attempt at a joke?" I ask Red, rolling my eyes. He sits himself in the fire escape window, dressed in his Hero wear.
"Just saying. You're whole shy, I'm-not-doing-this-for-myself act is getting old. People like cocky."
"Speak for yourself," I say, walking towards him in the window. "Why don't you learn to knock?"
"Why should I? I can fly, I'm not trying to hide that."
"You should. There's more of us, I know it."
"Stop with theories, Kitty." 
"I'm serious. When there's a hero, there's a villain."
"Maybe I'm the villain...Dun, dun, Dunnn." He leans forward, his black hair dangling into his light green eyes. 
"Shut up."  Robbery on 5th ave. Armed. At least ten men. "Let's go," I tell him, running to my room. I quickly tug out my Ruby Angel outfit. Since the plane crash, that's what people call me. Ruby because I was all bloody red, and angel, since I saved every single person on the plane's life. 
"It's just a robbery," Red says, waiting on me when I get out of the room.
"Please," I beg him. When he nods his head, I plant a kiss on his lips and we jump down from the fire escape. Red, also known as, Red Rocket, flies down while I just manipulate air and drop. Together, we jump and fly to 5th. The robbers never stood a chance.
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Write your response in the comments section below or what you think of this prompt. 

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