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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Review Group

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today isn't going to be a normal prompt day. Instead, I'd like to discuss something I've found very enjoyable and successful for writers. Let me first start from the beginning.

So, I joined this group on GOODREADS. It's called, Genre Specific Review Groups. I joined it because they support indie authors and since I was just starting out, I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet some people who were int he same boat as me.

Incase you aren't familiar with Goodreads Groups, there's forums and chats and events. Basically it's like a little community. I frequently, every other day or so, check into the group and read the introductions page, welcome people and say hello. I try to make my presence known. 

Basically, if you put in the effort, like with anything else, you can really gain a lot from it.

While I was browsing the group, I saw that they have this Review Program. My novel at the time had about 15 reviews and hello, I'm always looking for new reviews, so I wrote my name down, explained my book and then waited.

Well... this past week Fantasy Review Group 3 emailed me telling me I was in it! I was so excited to be a part of it. There's about 8 of us in the group which is perfect because it's smaller and you can chat more one on one with people in a smaller setting. We got our pairings and are told who to review for the two sessions.

I've already read and reviewed one of my pairings. It was a great fit for me. I can tell, Elizabeth, the moderator really took her time with the groups and pairings to make sure that each of us got someone who would put in the time and connect with our novels.

My first pairing also wrote his review for my novel. I was so excited to check it out. We're required to put it up on Goodreads and amazon, which is perfect for me since my novels are only on amazon. The people in this group are so supportive and great.

Another thing the group does is host a BOOK OF THE MONTH. They'll promote one book per month and typically the authors give out free books to anyone in the group. During that month, there's a discussion thread and people can ask the author questions, concerns or just talk about where they are in the book.

I haven't participated in this yet (too busy writing like five books). BUT I've read threads and it seems like a really great experience. 

Moral of my story: Goodreads is a great platform if you use it right. Authors, especially new or indie authors, should find a group and participate as much as possible. It really helps just to speak with people in the same situation as you. Plus, you get free reviews, can market and find people to support your writing ventures.
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