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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 55

Welcome to Wednesday! I've been working the first shift at the gym I work at, so to say I'm exhausted on this middle of the week day would be an understatement. I haven't slept more than five hours since Saturday. But I have a feeling after today, I'll get on a schedule. Anyway, enough about my sob story, let's get to writing!

Prompt Fifty-five- First Line Re-Writes
We all know how important first lines are. We did this exercise in my writing class and I found it to be very helpful. So now, I'm sharing it with you all! Take the first time of your current project, or just make up a line. Then rewrite it. We filled up the front of back of a lined piece of paper. I'm going to ask for twenty re-writes. GO!

My response...

I wake up to the noise of barking from below.

Red's constant barking wakes me from my dead-like slumber, forcing me down the narrow stairs and out the door into a red-hued disaster-zone in my suburban front yard.

Smoke infiltrates my lungs, waking me in an instant and forcing me to face the red sky, cratered ground, and sound of sirens.

The world is like bad swiss cheese; stamped with holes, smelling like death and destruction and leaving a bad feeling deep in my gut.

I never thought the day would come when I could honestly say I was scared for humanity.

It had been days since I'd seen another living human.

Who would have thought that humans would be taken down so fast?

Sirens wailed in the distance, getting closer by the second, and I fell into a monstrous crater.

A thirty foot crater ate me alive.

My front yard turned into a disaster zone; full of smoke rubble, dark skies, and the biggest addition, a fifty foot black crater that stared at me like it wanted to eat me alive.

Red snuggled into my ribs--a rarity for my fickle best friend--as a loud explosion catapulted into my house, knocking us both towards the full moon.

My body flew towards the red sky, my dog crying beside me and I knew I would die.

I had two boyfriends, both of them killers, both of them survivors, both utterly mine.

We hid in a garbage smelling drain pipe deep below my childhood neighborhood, praying that no one would find us.

I prayed that I'd never see another human for the rest of my life.

The red earth swallowed me whole.

I wanted to be saved- my fear was being saved by the wrong race.

They looked so human; pale face, tall stature, masculine--but I knew it was just a trap, a lure.

The rebel glared at me, baring his sharp fangs, and I ran far away, praying for safety.

I craved the basic necessities in life--water, food, warmth--but I knew I wouldn't find that here in this post-apocalyptic world.

My body ached as I hid in a quiet corner of the woods, footsteps stalking me in the night.

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Write your response in the comments below! Or just tell me what you think of the prompt!

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  1. Cute blog! I like the idea of doing writing prompts every week. I'll have to stop by and try them out a few times! Nice to meet a fellow twenty-something writing. :D

    -Alyssa Auch

    1. Hey Alyssa, thanks! Definitely come try 'em. I've seen your name before in the blog-i-verse and google+, I think we have some mutual connections. It's nice to "officially" meet you!


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