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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 51

 Welcome to writing Wednesday! I've very excited to prompt with you all today. I'm using a prompt from my creative writing class, and I have to warn you, mine is pretty long. But I had such a great time writing it and I hope you all join me!

Prompt Fifty-One- Setting
Write a scene in a setting that is likely to be quit familiar to your readers. But make it unfamiliar, strange, outlandish or outrageous to the central character. 
My response...

I wake up to the noise of barking from downstairs. Red must have to go to the bathroom. Begrudgingly, I stumble out of my comfortable, warm bed and slip on my favorite black moccasins. Red barks again, and I take the stairs two at a time to shut him up before he wakes my landlord, who already hates me with a burning passion. The last thing I need is him kicking me out mid-semester.
    I slip and slide on the wood floor, but make it to the door without ever having to truly open my eyes. Truth be told, I plan on falling right back into bed after Red does his business. I open the door, and Red—my little fox-like terrier—happily darts out to door. I lean against the frame, and rub my eyes, finally letting them open when I notice that outside has a faint red color to it.
    I look to my left and right and see my world completely different than when I fell asleep no more than seven hours ago. A large crater takes over the entire road, white fog erupting from the center like molten lava. Sirens wail in the distance, and the street overflows with people running, overfilled suitcases in their hands.
    “Red!” I scream, searching my destroyed front yard for my best friend. There’s rubble everywhere, pieces of brick and wood and rock. I run out the door in my slippers, my skin instantly heating in the open air. Something is very, very wrong. Red darts into my line of vision and I grab him by the collar, tugging him into my house.
   “What do you have?” I ask Red as I see a weird stick-like thing sticking out from his mouth. I go to grab it when I see the faint black hair covering most of it. I look farther down it and notice a set of five fingers poking off the limb. “DROP!” I yell at Red. When he finally lets the arm go, I kick it out the door and slam it shut. My heart pumps a mile a minute.
   Immediately, I run into the kitchen to check my ancient phone line. The dead tone taunts me like it’s laughing in my face. I slam the phone back in its holster and sprint up my stairs to my cell phone. I find it on the night stand, vibrating with fervor.
    “Maggie, it’s me. Are you safe?” my boyfriend, Jace, asks.
     “What’s happening?” I cry into the phone, cradling it like it might burst into flames on the spot. Red jumps onto the bed, curling into my side, a slight sigh as he rests, completely oblivious to the world around us.
“Invasion. They think they’re from another world. I’m coming to get you. Don’t move.”

“Wha—” The line goes dead and I drop the phone on my floor. Immediately, I text Leo, Jace’s twin brother. The message doesn’t even say delivered and my heart sinks. Something happened to him.

A million questions pop into my brain and I can’t even muster the control to file through them. Absently, I pat Red on the head, the familiar gesture soothing.

If Jace was right about an invasion, then we need to get out of here. We have to get safe. I need to change. I run to my closet and throw on a pair of jeans and a short sleeve shirt since it’s apparently not November cold weather anymore. I find a backpack on the top shelf and throw it on my bed. I start to fill it with the basic necessities I think I’ll need—toothbrush, toothpaste, dog food, pop tarts, three ice cold bottles of water. I throw in a change of clothes just for the hell of it and then a sweater, in case the cold weather returns.

“Mag?” His voice settles my heart and I run down the stairs and jump straight into his arms. Emotions bubble from within me, and I can’t hold back my fear any longer. I cry into Jace’s chest, his warmth the only thing I can concentrate on.

“It’s okay, Maggie. We’re together now. But we have to move. Everyone is going to town hall basement. We should go there, too.”

“What about Leo?”

“His phone is going straight to voicemail,” Jace replies with worry in his tone.

“We need to check if he’s okay, Jace. We can stop on the way.” I nod my head to myself, knowing that it’s the right thing to do. Jace’s twin is a pain in the ass, but he deserves to be safe. I know that he won’t want to be alone. I can’t leave him.  

I love him, too.
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