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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Broken Curse | Alexius and Alexandros

Your first teaser for The Broken Curse is HERE! I'm going to spotlight some of the new characters and give an excerpt of when Ryder first meets them. Today we're shining the light on two of my favorite siblings, Alexius and Alexandros.

Here's the short exerpt.,,

"Ryder, I would like you to meet some of my dear friends. This is Alexius and Alexandros." Professor Onassis gestures to the two nearly identical people standing in front of us. 

Alexius is a dark vixen. Her hair hangs loose in long, black tendrils. Her soft, brown eyes are warm and inviting, and she smiles at me, her perfectly straight teeth white as pearls.

Alexandros is a mirror of Alexius, but his hair is cropped short and a bit darker. He's got deep eyes and tanned skin. He nods his head at me in greeting, but remains guarded, his wall firmly up. 

Don't forget to go to goodreads and add the book to your TBR lists. 

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