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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 52

Welcome to the Wednesday grind. It has already been such a long week. I'm very excited to get a quick prompt in with you all. Then I have to get back to The Broken Curse. I'm almost done with the draft and then off to my editor it goes. SO let's prompt!

Prompt Fifty-Two- Myth
Take a myth or fairy tale (nothing disney, we did that before!) and make it fit into modern times. It doesn't have to be word for word or very similar but the same theme and message as the story. Can you guess where I'll pick from?! Free copy of one of my books if you can guess the myth I chose!

My response...

          He tapped his bite-marked pencil on his monstrous, mahogany desk as he awaited her arrival. As usual, his newest bout of interns was late, lazy and lacking. But his father instructed him to go through the motions. It was either listen to father go on about the company or go on about the fact that he had yet to find a wife and create an heir. Little did his father know, he loathed women in general—their wants and needs were foreign to him. He simply didn’t have it in him to fake his way through a relationship just for the sanity of his father.
            “Mr. Wyse, the next intern is here.”
            “Send him in.” His tone was clipped, hard. His secretary was a real pain the ass woman who’s voice grated on his every nerve. It wasn’t that he hated woman, he just didn’t have the patience to know them. He saw them as one purpose—sex. Random, one night, meaningless, emotionless sex.
            A young woman, around the age of twenty five, if he had to guess, sauntered into the room. Her chestnut hair fell down to her butt in soft waves. He expected when he made eye contact that she would avert her gaze to the floor, but she held him with her baby blues, unafraid. He’d never gotten that reaction before.
            “Please, sit.” She did. And he liked that. He liked that she did whatever he said. An unwelcome thought of her face first leaning on the desk flitted its way into his head. But he pushed it away before she saw his discomfort.
            “Tell me why you should get this entrance position.”
            “Well.” She stumbled over her words and he thought, she is affected by me. “My name is Ginny. I just graduated with my MBA in Business Intelligence. I honestly was surprised when I went through the first round of interviews and got a callback.”
            “This isn’t a play. There’s no callbacks,” he spat out. “Who interviewed you before me?”
            “He had the same name as you, Mr. Wyse.”
            If his father was going to throw attractive woman in his face, he would take matters into his own hands. He was only thirty—not old by any means. While he understood his father’s nagging, he also realized that he didn’t have to be married to have a child. So he would figure out a way around all of this.
            He’d create the perfect woman.
            “Welcome back, Ginny.” He sat across from her, a stack of papers in front of him. His lawyers drew up some confidential work that he hoped Ginny would agree to. She was as near perfect as he could hope to get. Her long hair was beautiful, her contrasting blue eyes were liquid to him. Plus, he liked the little attitude she carried.
            “I’m going to be honest,” she said, “I’m not exactly sure why I’ve been called her. The woman didn’t say it was an interview. I’m not prepared to be truthful.”
            “This is a different kind of interview.”
            “Okay…” He had to be careful not to scare her off. Being propositioned like this was an awkward task. He wasn’t sure how to begin, only he knew he had to rip the Band-Aid off before she ran away.
            “I need you to have a child with me.” She stared at him with confusion written all over her face, from her wrinkled nose to her drawn together eyebrows. Maybe he was a bit too direct. But he didn’t know how else to be.
            “Are you fucking kidding me?”
            “After that language, maybe I should be.” She stood from her seat and began pacing the room. He stood and went to stand by her. He took her by the elbow to stop her moving and made her look up at him. “I need an heir. I will compensate you very well. You can be as active or passive as you wish. But I’ll need at least a year of your life.”
            “So what you're saying is; you want to use me to have your kid so your company will have an heir?”
            “Basically, yes. Also, we’ll have to get married.”
            “And why’s that?” She crossed her arms over her chest in disgust.
            “My father is difficult. He requires it. We can fake an altercation and get divorced.”
            “Why me?”
            “You need the money. You’re beautiful. Why not?”
            “You know having a kid is a big deal, right?”
            “I do.” He nodded in agreement.
            Neither spoke again. He wrote down his address and telephone number on a post it note and she left the office, her heels clacking with each retreating step.
            She knocked on his door two days later. He was in the middle of a binge-drink, wasted from a day filled with scotch and ice and not much else. He stumbled to the door and when he saw her face, he smirked.
            “Couldn’t stay away?” He fell backwards against the foyer table, knocking over a candle his interior decorator placed there.
            “Looks like someone had a fun day,” she said as she glanced at the watch on her slender wrist. She laughed when she saw that it was only four pm. She grabbed his arm and flung it over her shoulder and dragged him down the hall. She found a living room with a large couch and managed to lay him down.
            Not knowing the house at all, this was the first time she had even been to this part of the city, she walked from room to room, searching for a bucket to place beside his head. She came across a bathroom and luckily, there was a small square bucket and she meandered her way back to the living room. She pulled a blanket over his muscled body when he began to stir.
            “Do you say yes?” he asked through his slumber.
            “Ginny, I needed you here ten minutes ago. You’re giving me heart palpitations.” He slammed the phone down on the table and tried to breathe. Ginny was proving to be a difficult woman. He was second guessing his choice but tonight was the make it or break it night.
            “I’m here, old man.” She walked into the house that she was now familiar with. She loved the house if she was honest with herself. But at times, this felt unreal. She was developing real feelings for this needy, demanding, hard shelled man. But she experienced a different side of him when the doors were closed. He was intelligent, charismatic, hilarious and sometimes even affectionate in a weird, offhanded way.
            “Ginny. I told you I need you to be perfect tonight. That means being on time, looking right, acting appropriate.”
            “Relax,” she said, placing her hands on his shoulders. She could feel the knots under his skin. She could feel his rapid heart pumping a dry well. “I know how you need me to be. I’ve got it under control.”
            “You’re sure?”
            “Remember; let me get doors, drinks, and whatever you need. Don’t have more than one glass of wine. Only one serving for food, they can’t think your unhealthy. My mother is a witch, my father is a bastard, but they need to believe I love you.”
A driver retrieved them seconds later from his mansion. The man was polite, like she was supposed to be. The drive to his parents’ house was quick and smooth. He got out of the car and ran around the backside to get the door for Ginny. She accepted his hand and he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. The first kiss they ever shared.
“The show begins,” he whispered in her ear. Goosebumps sprung up on her arms and she shivered as he let her go. She smiled alongside him, suddenly dreading their arrangement. She had manners, was brought up to be a classy woman, but she feared she was heading into shark infested waters.
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