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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 46

 Hi All! It's been a crazy busy week for me so far. I've got two covers completed, Wingless and The Broken Curse! I'm going to release the Wingless cover on Friday so make sure to check back in with me then. Also the manuscript for The Broken Curse is SO close to being done. I'm so happy with the progress I've made thus far. It's been a pleasure finishing up this series. So, let's take a quick break from our crazy busy lives and prompt together!

Prompt Forty-Six- Photo Booth
Okay, so this prompt is inspired by my wedding pictures, which I just got! We had a photobooth which was a blast, and today I want to use that for a prompt. Imagine two strangers happen to enter the same booth. Write a short story about what happens next.

My response...

The night is dragging on. I barely know Martha and Kevin, but I had at one point been in classes with Martha so I guess that counted. They invited me to their wedding, and with nothing else to do, I decided, why not?

Call me naive, but I thought these things were supposed to have hot single guys. I was wrong. I was at a table of eight, all appeared to be around my age--24. Stinky was to my left, followed by grumpy, snotty, uni brow man, annoying giggle girl, wannabe high school cheerleader, and my actual friend, Lacey.

But Lacey had found the one attractive guy in the place and left to find a closet or bathroom to do him. Wallowing in my own sorrow, I down the rest of my margarita and stand to grab another one. The bar is across the hall and on the way over, I see people stumbling in and out of the photo booth.

I definitely need a drink first. The bar is fairly empty, probably because everyone is on the dance floor. I grab my margarita and on my way back, I see the photo booth is empty. I decide to grab a boa and head in for the fun of it. At least, I'll get a cute little strip to remember this fabulous party. Note the sarcasm.

I get in from one side and sit down where the little plastic bench is. The countdown begins on the big screen in front of me and I raise my glass and smile. 3...2...1... I place my glass on the ground, and prepare for the next countdown. 

Just as it's about to hit 2, the curtain swings open and some man comes right into my room. I look at him in awe because I'm so confused why he's coming in on my picture taking. All of a sudden, the picture snaps as I'm staring at the man.

The third countdown begins and the man steps next to me. His blue eyes pierce me to my core and I'm left breathless. My heart stalls in my chest and I wait for him to make a move. The way he looks at me is predatory and fierce. 

He leans forward, kisses me on the lips, just as the picture snaps.

"What?" I ask as our lips break apart. But he just smiles wide and that's the other thing I see. My thoughts, my questions completely fade from my mind. 

The pictures snap again as we stare at each other. And again as he turns my face towards the circular camera and I smile. And again as we both laugh at each other like the best of friends. When the last picture is snapped, he gets out of the booth, holding the curtain so I can exit as well.

The attendant hands us each a copy of the strip. But before I can grab mine, the guy takes it from the attendants hand and uses one of the sharpies on the table to scribble something on the back. He hands it to me face down so I can't see the writing.

"It was nice to meet you," he says before kissing my lips very lightly. And then he leaves. Luckily, his number is scribbled on the back of the strip.
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Write your response in the comments below! Or just tell me what you think of the prompt!

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